Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Good News

Hi Everyone

I am really sorry I haven't managed any translation work until now. I thought I could get ch 9 finished couple of weeks ago, but every time I tried to work on it, RL got in the way.

Good news is that Rainbow Turtle will be taking over LMS translation, after LMS machine translation. Rainbow Turtle, has great  track record with Ark updates.

For me, after 20 November, most of the issues with RL should be sorted and from there I will finish off Vol 26. Then I will focus on Arena and possible go back to Vol 1 and fix up LMS translations. Or, people have being suggesting great novels I should look at. So, there is a lot of options which I haven't decided yet.

Thanks for reading up till now. I think LMS translation is in a healthy state with so many translators that I no longer need to actively contribute.