About Clicky

Hi End here. 
The blog Clicky Click was started when I reached the end of translated chapters for the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and thought, huh, Why don't I just read the raws for these? 
From there it was a natural progression onto the translation scene. 
Thank you all for your continued Support 

WTF is this site about? 
Clicky Click translations, translates Korean Novels for your reading pleasure. 
Spelling mistake/typos/grammar mistakes.
Apologies but sometimes mistakes do happen. I would highly appreciate any errors in the comments of each chapter and will work to fix them ASAP. 
I would like to firstly thank everyone who have donated until now. Thank you so much for your support and thank you to everyone else who continue to come back to this site. 
Donations are completely voluntary and I will continue to release chapters regardless. 
Each Chapter of translation can take anywhere from 2-8 hours. For longer chapters like LMS, it used to take double or triple of that. A little bit of gratitude in the form of donations is at times can be very motivating after slogging through in front of the computer for several hours. 
This is work of fan translation. Clicky Click Translations does not own any of these titles that are currently being translated on this website. All original works belong to their respective authors and copyright holders in their respective countries. If you are the copyright holder of any translation projects being hosted here and has an issue with some of the works here, please contact as it will be taken down on request. 

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