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Volume 26 Chapter 9

9. Discovery of the First City
Translated by End, Edited by BloodAdept, Shadowlink and Britsch

The First City, Ratzeburg, was supposedly where the Four Races settled and lived peacefully. Weed had come to Boronis to find it, and as Yurin had visited this place for a festival before, they could simply use the Picture Teleportation skill to get there.

‘There is quite a lot of people here.’

Weed climbed the Olgoro plateau and looked at the surroundings. Above, the birds flew in flocks and below, travelers and tourists could be easily seen.

Fish were just biting on the fishing pole as soon as he cast it into the vast Tinus River.
“It’s a big one!”
“Oppa, how many did you catch now?”
“I think a bit over 20!”
It was a rich and abundant river that was half water, half fish! A river that fishermen crowded over frantically.

On the great fertile plains of Iles in Aidern Kingdom, all kinds of crops were cultivated to feed its people. Having developed their economy and industry early on, Aidern Kingdom had built the Boronis Castle in this place. But 200 years later, they built a greater and grander castle further back on the Olgoro plateau and relocated there.        

In present times, Boronis Castle was an abandoned castle converted to house tourist.

“I am sure Ratzeburg is located somewhere around here.”

Weed followed along the riverside. He wondered if their motive was to defend against monster attacks, as the city was built so closely to the river.

“According to my memories, it should be nearby here...”
The amount of time that passed by had to be considerable, as the place was a heap of sand!

In the morning Weed cast his fishing pole.

“I should just use this opportunity to increase my Fishing Skill.”

If he started making sculptures, it would attract people’s attention, and the worst thing that could happen would be Hermes Guild sending people over to chase after him here. So in the morning, he did something ordinary like fishing.

“Mister, fish don’t bite in that spot.”
Putting the female players who gave him friendly advice to shame, Weed seamlessly pulled in his fishing pole from the river.

“This guy is too big to put in my pot.”

He kept catching fish that were large enough that they had to be held with both arms.

“I should eat is as hoe? If I fry its flesh, its taste should be edible.”

Though it was said that the Tinus River was overflowing with fish, not all were of the enormous size that Weed was catching. With his Intermediate Level 5 Fishing Skill, his bait moved in a special way underwater. The bait, gently swayed its tail with the current, almost as if it was enticing the fish to try it! Weed had better catches compared to others as the large fish fell for the ruse and quickly snatched up the bait.

There were plenty of people diligently raising their Fishing Skill along the Tinus River. There were even 3 players with Intermediate Level Fishing Skill, but the number of people who caught their fish on the first try like Weed were few. Using his Advanced Level 8 Handicraft, he deftly handled the struggle with his catch by using just enough strength to prevent the line from snapping and sapping the stamina of his catch quickly.
Having raised his mastery at the sea, in a few short days, his Fishing Skill rose to Level 6.

Fishing Skill increased to Intermediate Level 6. The chance of catching a rare fish increased greatly. Maximum health increased by 1,800. A deep flavor is added with all your fish dishes.

Fame increased by 35.

Perseverance increased by 4.

Endurance increased by 3.

You have received the title of, ‘Tenacious Fisherman’.
When residing in one spot for a long time, the effect of the Fishing Skill increases by 4%.
Reduces consumption of vitality.

Even at night, the Tinus River was swarming with fishermen. So Weed had to excavate in hiding.

“Come on, any relic is okay, just appear already. If you are going to appear anyways, something expensive will be nice while you are at it.”
If he was going to find a relic from Ratzeburg, it had to be the best of the best antique! It was not all because of the quest, Weed was in a frenzy for money.

The hole Weed was digging in secret under the cover of the night, was truly deep. It helped that he had invested a significant amount of time in Jigolaths digging.

“If I had never learnt Fishing or Mining, I would be bored out of my mind.”

Having opened the door of agony and hardship so many times before, this much was child’s play! If he compared what he did in Jigolaths with carrying bricks, what he did now only amounted to waving warning lights.

Weed was in between the thickets using his spade to dig. He let the dug up sand drift into the river. Strangely enough, the place where Ratzeburg was did not seem to be a good fishing spot. It also helped that people were scattered all over the Tinus River as it was so vast.

Like this, Fishing Skill and Mining Skill increased day by day.

“Really, it’s true what they say, a sculptor is talented in everything.”

While meandering as such, by chance in the middle of the morning, something caught on Weed’s fishing pole.

“A fish?”

The thing that pulled firmly, did not feel like a living being. While a proficient fisherman would cut off his fishing line, Weed struggled for about 10 minutes before finally lifting it up. As Weed was using a fishing line he made personally with his Sewing Skill, which had a higher durability than those sold on the street market, there was a possibility he could salvage it.


An Old Relic, Stone Hammer has been fished from the Tinus River.

Luck increased by 1.

Mastery of Fishing Skill increased.

“One lousy stone hammer increasing my mastery… this can’t be a common occurrence. Identify!”

Cracked Stone Hammer: Durability 7/19. Attack 2~9.
A hammer made from broken stones.
If feels like it could be used in hunting.
Restriction: None.
Option: When an Orc uses this hammer, attack increases by 20%.

“This is it!”

The relic was nothing compared to what he was expecting for, but Weed received a definite confirmation that Ratzeburg was here. Usually he would throw it away as it was a useless stone hammer that couldn’t even be sold as japtem, but he stored it away safely.

“You never know, I could sell it off as a relic.”

Weed had a renewed sense of expectation of his morning fishing runs, as there was now the possibility of fishing out relics. He wasn’t just fishing at a random spot on Tinus River, he was fishing at the heart of the past city Ratzeburg!

He discovered copper shields, broken arrowheads, pottery and dishes. While the majority were useless knick-knacks, some were evidently created by dwarves.

“I only need to dig in this spot!”

In the morning, Weed’s eyes were squinting in laughter as he fished and at night, he hummed as he dug.

“The more I dig, the richer I become. Money, rice… I am going to become rich any day now!”

Like a tone deaf person, his notes become longer.With his scattered humming, it was beginning to sound like a noise coming from a graveyard.

‘This being the First City, I am sure plenty of extravagant items are buried here. Perhaps, I might just find a massive burial sites with gold, silver and treasures inside…...’
The hopeful dream of a grave robber!

But reality was a cruel mistress. After several days of digging, the only things he dug up were stones and sands, his desired treasures were nowhere in sight.


Even then, with the hope of earning big, Weed carried on, pouring his strength into digging. Finally, he found a sculpture carved from a rock! An arm and a leg were missing, but it was clearly a work depicting an Orc.


Weed used Sculptural Memories.


“It’s all thanks to you that we managed to drive the monsters back again and stay safe.”
“Chwick! I did what I had to do. Warrior Ulchi, I do not need any praises. Chwick.”
“Oh right, I heard you had a son?”
“He follows after me, with his big head. I am happy. Chichick!”
“Ulchi, I tried to make a sculpture of your seventh son. Here, take this home.”

Ulchi was an Orc, whose body was littered with scars and tattoos. He looked down on the sculpture given to him. It was a sculpture of a young and an adult Orc. It was an Orc’s fate to reach adulthood in a blink of an eye and disappear into the battlefield. To them, sculptures which allowed them to remember their family were one of their most precious items.    

“Thanks, I will keep it safe. Chwick!”

Holding the sculpture in his fur covered hand, Ulchi bent his waist to leave the Dwarf’s workshop. On the street of Ratzeburg were slower maturing human children, who were running around and playing.

“Hi, Ulchi Ahjussi!”
“Did you catch many monsters this time as well? My dad told me to tell you that he's really thankful.”
“We are proud to have you with us Ulchi.”

The Humans treated the Orc with friendliness. Whenever they engaged him in a conversation, Ulchi would stop momentarily to chat before heading home. As Orcs were frequently engaged in battle, they lived in the outskirts of the city.

“Oh, come quickly. Chichiwik!”

A female Orc, Juichi, came out to welcome him home. Ulchi gave her a fierce hug before going in. The Ulchi was a large family, with 13 of them just accounting for his sons. There was no suitable furniture in the house at all, rather the only decoration that could be seen were sculptures hanging on a rope near the door.

The Humans and the Elves cultivated the fields and worked in the construction of the city. The Dwarves created weapons and armor for the Orcs. The Orcs laid down their lives to defend the city against any monsters that might attack them. The Orcs were the last line of defense. If they failed, Humans, Elves, and the Dwarves would all perish. Therefore, no matter how many casualties they suffered in battle, they never once retreated.

Ulchi’s sons grew up, opened the doors hanging with sculptures and left for the world. One, two… never to return again. Where the sculptures were, more and more were added.

Orcs withstood their difficulties and continued to expand throughout the generations. In that time, the Humans, Elves and the Dwarves also advanced and developed.

The Humans not only became proficient in farming, but also weapon crafting. While Human’s strength could not match the potential the Orcs held since their birth, they could overcome it with their superior comprehension and handling mana.

As the Elves began to make their bows and contract with Spirits, they no longer required the protection from the Orcs. The Dwarves furthered their development of weapons and armors. With the sharpness of their weapons and the solidness of their armor, they no longer feared any monsters.

It came to a boiling point, where the Four Races could no longer contend with each other.

The sculpture had listened to the various tales from the world around it.

“The Humans do not respect us. Chichichwik!”
“The Orcs eat too much! No matter how much we grow, it all goes into the Orc’s stomachs. We don’t have enough food for ourselves.”
“For how long must we Elves guide the other races, ignorant to the power of nature?”
“They are mindless in handling the equipment we created. Without the Dwarves prowess in metal handling, they would not have been able to battle or farm properly. I get so angry when I see these fools using the tools we crafted without any care!”

Hostility erupted between the Four Races. The Orc’s left the city first. It was because of their ability to reproduce quickly that they found it impossible for them to continue living in a single area forever. While the area far away from Ratzeburg was still crawling with monsters, the brave Orc Lords lead their clan to a new settlement.

Shortly after the Orc’s departed, the Elves soon followed, leaving for their much desired Forests. For some time after the departure of the other races, the Humans and the Dwarves remained together out of necessity. But as the Dwarves advanced their blacksmithing skills, they departed for the mountains searching for more minerals to further refine their skills.

The Humans struggled for some time after the Elves departed as their harvest reduced by half. But having learned farming techniques from the Elves, they managed to increase their crop yield to previous levels again. They had also consulted with the Dwarves to prepare against monster attacks, building a Fortress and walls.
And so, in the last days of Ratzeburg, the only race that lived in the city were Humans. But as the city was built up with mishmash of planning by the four races, the Humans found it difficult to live among the many homes and amenities built for the different races.

In the end, the Humans also abandoned Ratzeburg and departed to create their own Kingdom.

The first city was abandoned by all four races. After several decades the Tinus River began to flood and Ratzeburg was slowly swept away. This was one of the reasons why the Great Plains of Iles was so fertile.

But a time came when there was a greater flood than before. With the city abandoned, the buildings were swept by, flooded and ruthlessly knocked down. The current swept up rocks and trees, the mud sunk to the floor bed. With the rain, river and the passing of time, the buildings completely disappeared and Ratzeburg was sunk and buried.

The sculpture of Ulchi’s sevenths son was preserved under a large rock.


City of Ratzeburg Complete

The historic find of Ratzeburg!  
This find will make the historians rewrite the entire history of Humans, Dwarves, Elves and the Orcs. By reporting this discovery to any Kingdom or a representative of a Race, you will receive recognition and your achievement will be recorded.

Quest Reward: By reporting this to any Kingdom or a Race representative, you will receive rewards for your achievement in this quest. If you return to the Elf Randelia, you will receive a small reward with the next quest objective.

Fame increased by 4,300.

Your level increased.

Your level increased.

All stats increased by 4.

You have learned a historic fact. Through this special experience, Intelligence and Wisdom increased by 5.

Through this exploration, your Mining Skill increased by 1.

“I don’t know if this is because it’s the Sculpting Master Quest or not, but the quest rewards are amazing.”

Even though Weed’s level was over 400, the experience he earned in this quest was colossal that his level increased by two. If his level was lower, his level would have jumped by 10 at once like it did when he defeated Lich Shire and his Undead Legions.

“I am sure the Sculpting Master Quest wouldn’t end after this much. If the mid chain quest gives this kind of reward, how good will the reward be at the end?”

Weed had an evil grin on his face. By finding Ratzeburg first, any others that  attempt the Sculpting Master Quest could no longer receive such a large reward. By being the frontrunner, the rewards befitted it.

“Without a doubt, you need to be one step ahead of the others. In heavy snow, it’s the footstep of the lead that becomes the guide for the people following behind.”

While his thoughts were positive, Weed’s heart was completely black.

‘I need to make sure to pack everything good while ahead. Who knows what kind of jackpot the late comers could scavenge.’
The one who pioneers could monopolize quests and treasure!

After discovering Ratzeburg, Weed returned to the Elf village through Yurin’s Picture Teleportation.


The Hermes Guild’s forces were in battle at the village of Pavroa in the Forest of Life. The Hermes Guild deployed a significant force to quickly subdue the small village. But the magic protecting the Elf Village was triggered, lengthening their campaign, while at the same time they had to fight off the Forest Spirits and the Trees that resisted their advance. Even monsters and animals came out to attack them, causing havoc on their forces.

In the midst of the current battle in the Forest of Life, the Elven Warriors began to arrive and fight off the invaders. Even though they were the vaunted Hermes Guild, with the Elven Archers attacking from the trees and with the Shaman’s flinging magic attacks, they struggle to gain an inroad with their attack. Hermes Guild could not even enter the village and were only fighting off the Elves.

Players were disgruntled by this turn of events.

“These bastards, Hermes Guild is sinking their claws in everything.”
“Were they not satisfied with Kallamore Kingdom that they have to bother the Elves now?”
“Just seeing those bastards makes me angry for several days, for now, I am not even going to leave the village.”

Weed entered the village entrance guarded by Elves. The Elven Warriors were solemn in their vigil, while the Hermes Guild’s forces had to, for the time being, retreat some distance from the village.

“I have returned with the discovery of Ratzeburg. This sculpture and these artifacts are the evidence of my discovery.”

Weed reported his success to Randelia.

“Astounding, the existence of such old relics…...”

The relics shown to Randelia were the stone hammer, accessory made of teeth and pieces of a ceramic pot. These were disposal items no one would want, but they held a deep history within them.

“I never truly imagined that you would discover Ratzeburg based on my story. I do not have much in what I can reward you with but... ”

Weed gave a small sigh. He had already picked most the fruits from the trees, so there was not much he could receive from Randelia. If he had went to any Kingdom on the Continent or a Representative of a particular Race, he could have received a greater reward.

“Here, I shall give you a map.”

You have acquired the map detailing the Forest of Life.
The followings are marked, the Elf Village, Monster Habitat, Grove,  and places sprouting with herbs.

“Thank you. I will treasure it.”

Weed thought it was a decent quest reward. The Forest of Life was quite a vast area that even players who played as Elves got lost. With a detailed map adventuring would become a lot easier in this area.

“But to see this sculpture in such a state is truly woeful.”

Randelia looked on regretful at the woeful state of the old relic uncovered after aeon.

“I believe that the history of Ratzeburg is something everyone must know. If we could just restore the sculpture to its original condition, I think it can become a good gift for the Orcs.”


Sculpture of the Orc’s  Seventh Son

Many Orcs had bled for Ratzeburg. Without their noble sacrifice, it’s possible that the Humans, Dwarves and Elves would have not survived. Tell the Orc’s about the truth of Ratzeburg! If you can restore the sculpture to a like-new condition, it can become a gift of gratitude to the Orcs.

Difficulty: Sculpting Master Quest
Quest Restriction: Sculpting skill must be at least Advance Level 8.
Must have friendly relation with the Orcs.  

“I will tell the Orcs the truth about Ratzeburg.”

Weed then left the Elf Village.


“I can’t believe it. Something absurd just happened!”

All of Versailles Continent, the Residents began to chatter about.

“Have you heard? Apparently the Humans, Elves and the Dwarves lived together with the primitive Orcs in the past.”
“Apparently there was a discovery so great that we might have to rewrite the history books. Even a greenhorn like you must have heard about it! The discovery unearthed by sculptor adventurer Weed!”
“Only Weed could have discovered something so earth shattering! No matter how difficult the task, we can trust him with it. We might have to pay him a lot, but it will be worth every penny. ”

As Weed successfully completed another super sized quest, other players were filled with envy.

“Ah, when will I ever do a quest like that?”
“I think the quest this time is something super big. Something that includes, not only Humans, but Orcs, Elves and Dwarves as well.”
“With this, Weed’s fame will spread to all the Four Races.”

After the discovery about the Four Races, the relationship between the Races began to improve.

“There is a commission I want to entrust to the Dwarves. Not sure if they will accept it or not, but could you maybe acquire seven swords made by the Dwarves?”
“Recently I saw many monsters lurking in the forest. If only the humans could take care of it, it would be a great help… If you could bring this request to the Humans, I will repay you in full.”

The relationship between the Races began to warm up and more interracial quest was generated. Before, when a difficult event occurred, the Elves tried to handle it by themselves. The Orc’s with their pride and ego had nothing to say to the Dwarves either. But now, the door to interracial quests has opened wider.

In terms of Weed, with his unmatchable renown and success, he could receive a quest from any of the Races. This change in stance did not impact him much, but to the players it was a paradigm shift.

The Residents continued to gossip among themselves.

“It’s amazing how Weed found the location of the city where all the Four Races lived together. I heard he reported his discovery to the King of Aidern Kingdom. As a reward, Aidern Kingdom will recognize his position as Count in Morata and granted him the sword of the state. I heard this from the guards so it must be true.”
“I heard that he received a send off from the King himself at the royal courts as he flew off on one of his Wyverns. That amazing scene….. it makes my heart excited just imagining it! If it wasn’t for my work as a baker, I could have set off after him immediately.”
“It seems that he also reported his discovery to the Bakuma Kingdom, Harugan Kingdom and the Britten Union. He seems to have received no small reward for his effort.”
“Did you hear? Weed also travelled to Ritten Kingdom. He made a sculpture for the King sometime back and apparently they became close acquaintances. The King personally greeted him and requested a sculpture of the Queen, the Prince and the whole family.”
“Any King on the whole continent would beg to have a sculpture made by the great sculptor Weed, who constantly amazes the whole continent with his adventures.”



Taking the opportunity of his long begotten freedom, Yellowy enjoyed the free time to his heart’s content by loitering around Morata. With his majestically rising horns, sensually created muscles, and his strength and figure, his appearance could not be rivaled by any other bull.


There were many heifers who looked at Yellowy with lustful eyes like a piece of meat. After Weed bestowed life onto Yellowy, there was a sudden surge in the population of cows in Morata. Even heifers, still too young to have discarded their childlike form, looked at Yellowy with desire.

‘I finally understand why the residents often say the world is a beautiful place.’

Yellowy strutted confidently around Morata, like a solemn sovereign emperor of all the cows. Though there were times when other bulls challenged Yellowy, he did not hide away but faced it head on. Clashing their heads together in a bullfight! Butting their heads together and crossing their horns as each bull tried to push the other! A bullfight required unparalleled strength and stamina to win, and Yellowy had it in strides, experiencing straight and easy wins.

‘This is all thanks to Master.’

Yellowy, for the first time, could now understand why Master insisted a bull needed good strength and required him to lug around heavy luggage on his back.

‘It’s all so that I could become what I am.’

There was a reason for having him sleep on cold or hot places, and hunting even while being buffeted by hail. When the number of bulls and cows increased in Morata, he still clearly remembers Weed leading him to a back alley. How Weed stepped back to observe his bullfight against a strong opponent.

‘There was a deep meaning behind it! The only way to gain affection from the heifers is to win in bullfights!’

In a bullfight, Yellowy could not turn his head, but he could always hear Weed cheering for him.

“Yellowy, you must win! Push him away! I raised you to be strong. You can do it! The only thing you need to win is the faith that you can push him away!”

Yellowy always won, hearing the cheers filled with sincerity. While he might have been mistaken, now and then he thought he might have seen officials and other people exchanging money, but…..  

‘I miss Master.’

Yellowy really wanted to see Weed right now.

Translation Note:

회 - hoe in Korean and Sashimi in Japanese. I am sure there is a deep, cultural difference between the two but to me, it has the same definition, raw fish sliced into thin pieces.

이슬을 맞아 가면서까지 - “hunting even while being buffeted by hail”, 이슬 is dew but that doesn’t make sense in the context so I think the author made a mistake. “Training while suffering morning dew” doesn’t fit the theme going on there with Yellowy.