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Volume 23 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Hermes Guild’s Assault

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From the sky lightning struck towards the ground.
In the direction of the dark clouds’ movement, it looked like lightnings was scraping the ground with its sharp claws. With a force to scorch the earth it demolished buildings, ripped trees apart and incinerated monsters.

Necromancers’ saw pitch black clouds over the monastery, blasting the ground with incredible lightning strikes. Every time lightning struck the ground the area lit up so brightly it blinded the eyes. Hearing the sound coming from the monastery, they could guess its incredible power.
“Incredible. Was that Weed’s attack spells?”
“Its power surpass any large-scale magic… there must be an unbelievable number of monsters dying.”
Just as the Necromancers’ thought, there was tremendous amounts of casualties for the monsters in the monastery. The swords they were holding acted as a great target for lightning to conduct through. Monsters hit directly by the lightning turned immediately into grey light and disappeared. But the lightning with surplus power spread to its vicinity, electrocuting many other monsters and doing additional damage to their health.

Usually it was only after the Great Magic spread out that the Magician’s were satisfied spectating the effect that their magic displayed. But Weed did not have the luxury of doing such a thing.

‘I have to survive.’
As soon as he heard lightning strike, he used his both hands to dig deeper to make sure he wouldn’t get hit. The endless instinct for survival. He was digging faster than a dog trying to dig out snacks he hid few a days ago!

He never knew the lightning would be this serious. It was as though the lightning was trying to prove the ‘great disaster’ part of Natural Sculpting.

The screams of monsters as they died!
The structure was being viciously torn apart, filling the surroundings with the sounds of explosions. The monastery was already reducing the life of all the Undead, the day that Weed was struck by lightning was the day his life was not guaranteed.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpting, it was an extensive display of attack in battle, it exceeded his expectation by several times. The only problem with the skill was that Weed had to go through it as well.

“Weed is fighting in a place like that.”
“Not everyone can become the God of War.”
“How could he think of jumping into a fatal situation and starting a battle? ”

Necromancers gave several thumbs up in the direction of the monastery. They imagined Death Knight Weed, slaughtering monsters with his cape flapping in a place they can call a hell of lightning.
“It's a scene several times more incredible than a movie.”
“Let us also fight harder!”

Necromancers drew closer to the monastery and cast support magic on the Undead. Fortunately, the lightning stopped within three minutes, but for those who were experiencing it directly, the time dragged on indefinitely.

Most of the monsters had to withstand the thunderstorm with their bare bodies. It inflicted damage to life and stats and what could be said the most important for battle, morale decreased sharply.

“Ku… Is it finally over?”
Weed popped out only his head from the pit after the sound stopped. Without fail he looked like a good impression of a mole, but surviving was the foremost priority.

As soon as he heard a sign of lightning he covered his head with his cape and hid back in the pit. Some streams of lightning still struck intermittently. Breathing in deeply couple of time, Weed checked the situation was calm and only then did he come out from the pit.

“A lot died!”
Corpses of monsters were strewn about. About a quarter of the Death Knight were gone. Unluckily, some were struck by lightning and the others kept fighting monsters while Weed was hiding.

But far off a great whirlwind was blowing. Great Disaster Nature Sculpting was not completely finished. The whirlwind devoured the monsters and Undead in Natalia Plains and then flung them everywhere. Weed tried to avoid on his gargoyle but, swept up the whirlwind, it changed its direction, passed through some place way far from the monastery and soon disappeared.

Great Disaster Nature Sculpture has expired.

By creating a disaster against monsters, you have gained 3,459 fame.
For destroying a currently unused monastery, your faith has decreased by -25.
A title ‘A Disaster-Steering Sculptor’ has been given.
Luck decreased by 10.

Just by using Great Disaster Nature Sculpting, he could become way more renowned than now.
Of course, in a bad way though!
“For now, get on your gargoyles and retreat!”

Weed was able to withstand more by himself but the condition of the Death knights wasn’t good so they left the monastery. The Death knights had hunted many high-rank monsters but the aftermath of Great Disaster Nature Sculpting was way beyond their class so it was hard to say that the Death Knights achieved something.

With help from the Necromancers with restoration and curse spells, they attacked the monastery again. At that time, the main forces of the Undead leapt over the wall and were already fighting. Monsters and Undead were in fierce engagement and some perished due to the holy power.  Glancing far and wide the battle could be seen everywhere. There was complete pandemonium as the monsters and Undead battled.

 - A Skeleton Warrior has destroyed the altar of El Vance Monastery.

The Skeleton Warrior that axed the altar vanished in a burst of blue light but the holy power was reduced.

“Destroy everything!”

The Death knights yelled and motivated the Undead. The ruins of the monastery were completely shattered by Undead. Weed’s faith dropped following the destruction but he had to risk it.

 - Holy power protecting the monastery has weakened.
The reduction of Health has been reduced.
Undead can use abilities now.
Magical abilities are returning to the Necromancers.

“Sweep away all the monsters!”
Weed was in the forefront hunting monsters and Necromancers came after him, raising corpses into Undead. As the holy power protecting the monastery weakened, Undead forces reinforcements increased scarily. The Death Knights also regained their combat strength and the monsters decided to run away instead of fighting anymore. They judged that the monastery was no longer safe from the Undead.

“Chase them!”
The greatest achievement could be made when hunting down escaping monsters. Weed chased the monsters fleeing from the monastery with Death Knights and hunted them down. He was able to gain a significant amount of experience.


 - Monsters in Natalia Plains cleared.

All monsters disturbing The Undead Legion have disappeared.
El Vance Monastery is a thorn to the Undeads’ side, thus the Death Knight who brought down this place cleanly deserves to receive a great reward.
You can go to Balkan Demoph and claim your final promotion.

 - Fame has increased by +2,937.
You will be renown as a new Undead leader in The Undead Legion.

 - Power of Death has increased by +64.

 - Leadership has increased by 25.

 - Fighting spirit and charisma have increased by 12.

 - Your level increased.

 - Your level increased.

In fact, over 110 thousand Undead were deployed in the battle and only 14 thousand monsters were fighting against them. Against such a huge obstacle of holy power, the Undead were grievously wounded but were able to claim a victory.

“I can finally meet Balkan.”
Weed took a deep breath.
His preliminary objective of meeting Balkan, King of The Undead, was complete now. While Morata became a target of The Undead Legion, its public order, industry, agriculture and birthrate was heavily damaged.

Balkan was a threat to the Northern Continent because he may regain his strength at any point in the future. The reason Weed was clearing quests from The Undead Legion and raising his rank with such sincerity was to make Balkan rest in peace forever.

All his works has been a preparation for rebellion!
He eavesdropped Necromancers who approached the monastery on ghouls.

“I can finally learn a higher tier curse spell.”
“I learned the Undead Summoning spell… What’s your reward, Orbo?”
“I decided to get a Robe of Corpse.”
Seemed like their quests and rewards differed based on their achievements. No one was talking about being able to meet Balkan like Weed.

Marey and Harien entered inside the monastery.
“Let’s get out and have a celebratory party.”
The monastery was still piled up with holy power so it still was a bad place for Undead. The Death Knights mounted their gargoyles and waited for the order to withdraw.
‘I need to find treasures…’
With some lingering feeling of regret, Weed left the monastery with the Undead. He led the Undead into a huge victory and was returning back to the Necromancers.

“Hurray for the War God!”
“Thanks to Weed-nim, we were able to clear the quest easily. Thank you.”
Players one upped each other trying to thank him. It seemed easy now that the battle was over, but everyone knew that without Weed’s capabilities of command they wouldn’t have been guaranteed to win.

It wouldn’t have been easy to deploy their undead forcefully and if the the monsters in the monastery were persistent, then they all would have been wiped out by the holy power.
However, Weed infiltrated the monastery with Death Knights and dispersed the enemies’ attention, shortening the time. If the monsters held on for at least an hour, then surely the Undead would have died.
In the end the Undead won the battle against time.

The Necromancers felt that it was very close and were thankful to Weed for his reckless decisiveness, which barely managed to clear the quest. Weed didn’t appreciate lip thanks.
“What I did wasn’t much.”
On a birthday or a graduation, you get presents. It was frustrating, all they did was say thank you for clearing the quest for them. A disappointment that they did not know amity cultures such as bribery or reception.

‘Well, I couldn’t have done it by myself.’
After all, Weed was only able to clear the quest with full supports and co-operation from the Necromancers. Beside Marey who had been hunting with Weed recently, Harien listened to Weed’s opinion and actively persuaded the others.

He was able to clear the quest because Jeanne and Otem fully understood the possibility and participated in his plan so he couldn’t possibly ask for something from them. Weed made the greatest contributions, but it was only accomplished with the help of the other Necromancers.


“A truly amazing amount of Undead.”
Polon brought along Knights, Mages, Spellcasters and rangers on standby to a place far away from Natalia Plains. It wasn’t easy to arrive because the Undead from The Undead Legion were wandering around but, thanks to Zabrin’s detailed guiding, they arrived safely.

“Can the Necromancers win?”
He waited for the battle with interest.
Bringing the assault armies of the Hermes guild here was a covert operation so they haven’t been revealing themselves. But a few moments after the battle began, Zabrin talked in a whisper.

- Weed the War God appeared!
Polon was trying to get the Undead Legion into his hands and recruit Necromancers one by one but his original target was Weed. A man known as the rival of Bard Ray from Hermes guild. From that point, Polon used the Hermes guild’s communication network so that rangers and spellcaster players could hear as well.

Polon : Is he really Weed?
Zabrin : He sang a song. The Necromancers all said it was Weed. He was among the unidentified players.
Polon : Are you certain about this?
Zabrin : He blew a horn. The Horn of Treserk!

It was an item known to be in Weed’s possession. If it was that, then it was enough evidence to believe it was the real Weed.
‘A battle with Weed.’
Polon’s hand shook in excitement. He was a high-level ranker and a Grand Master. He experienced tons of battles but he had never killed a big shot like the War God. The Hermes guild’s communication network got busy. The players, who were instantly recognizable by their names, showed interest and asked for the situation.

Zabrin : Just now, Weed got on a gargoyle and went inside the monastery.
Polon : Didn’t you say it’s a place where Undead can’t go in?
Zabrin : Well… it’s an extremely dangerous place but he went in.
Polon : If that’s the case, then get the Spellcasters, rangers, knights and mages ready for advance. If Weed survives and comes out, we will attack him right away.

Polon was on standby listening to what Zabrin was saying.

Zabrin : The Undead can’t break through the monsters easily. This place is by far the worst place to fight.

Zabrin reported to Polon everything that was going on in the battle through the Hermes guild’s communication network.  It was a moment where famous rankers were paying attention to Zabrin. He was busy chatting with no time to cast a spell.

When the thunder hit the monastery, even Polon’s place got bright continuously. Polon could imagine how tense the battle was from Zabrin’s reports and the sound of thunder.
‘To enter a place like that, leading his Death Knights.’
Even if he was Weed, surely he isn’t immortal. But he hoped Weed wouldn’t die in the monastery.

‘I’m the one that has to take away his life. That’s the only way to achieve my mission of coming here.’
He waited and waited until he heard from Zabrin that the Undead had besieged the monastery. Zabrin said it was an extremely difficult quest but Weed succeeded yet again.

Zabrin : You can come now. He went out.

It was convenient to have someone giving you information.
“We are moving out.”
Polon led the knights, rangers, spellcasters and moved out.
“Raise the flag”
One of the Knights raised a flag with the symbol of Hermes guild on it. The emblem of the Hermes guild containing a crown and a castle!

Raising this flag had the effect of raising morale and fighting spirit. Primarily though, it overwhelmed the enemies emotionally with the fact that it was the flag of the strongest guild in the Versailles Continent. Unless it’s an outside enemy guild’s influence, it was a flag that made enemies step back.

“We entered in range of the Undead.”
There was some distance between the place they and where Weed and other Necromancers were but they were easily within the Spellcasters’ range.
“Do not give them time to recover. Attack right now.”
The Mages among the spellcasters swung their hands and cast spells.
“Fire Circle!”
Huge fireballs were created and flew straight into the Undead armies. A spell heading into Undead with bright light and dark smoke!
“An attack!”
“Magicians are here!”
Necromancers shouted in surprise but fire circles had already blasted the Undead. The flames spread as though they were alive and devoured Undead.

Rangers with high mobility advanced and got in position.
“Shoot at once!”
The arrows the rangers shot poured down on where the Undead gathered like rain.
The Undead suffered exceptional damage. A large ghoul with high health vanished with two hits of arrows from afar. Their arrows were made out of holy silver blessed by priests, not to mention dipped in  holy water. They took reference from Weed’s previous battle with Shire, they came here fully armed to fight against the Undead.

The Undead didn’t even have time to respond and were struck by spells and silver arrows.
“Wha… What is this. They are players. There were other players besides Necromancers?”
“What quest did they receive to come here? Why are they attacking us?”
“The flag they are holding is Hermes guild. How did they come here...”
“A ranker. Grand master of Crema, Polon. He’s attacking us.”
Necromancers had no clue an assault team from Hermes guild would come for them and didn’t know what to do.


“Get in lines. Pick up your wooden shields and defend!”
The Undead took up a defensive formation with their shields at Weed’s order, but taking a surprise attack their damage was unbelievable because they were already weakened by holy power.

It was difficult for skeletons to block silver arrows from the rangers and the area-of-effect spells took out thousands of Undead laughably. It was better to step back rather than block.

But their retreat path was blocked by the Natalia Plains, which were still filled with holy power.
Even though the Undead were reforming their positions at Weed’s command, the magic attacks devastated them. Because it was an ambush, they had no choice but to receive a lot of damage.

“Death knights, get on gargoyles. Detour in the air and make it look like you are trying attack them.”
Weed used an emergency measure in a hurry to contain the magicians. They were elite Death Knights that were beaten to a pulp in the battle of the monastery, but they had to be expended to protect the other Undead.

Polon looking at the scene and raised his sword high.
As a knight, his fighting style was to injure enemies with arrows and spells and then a frontal charge with the knights. He was in a bit of a hurry as he wanted to confront Weed face to face.

200 men of the Crema Knights galloped. Their steeds were legendary horses, they who were small as a speck of grain were getting awfully close.

“As a defense formation against the knights, ghouls take the front line and skeletons gather and resist. Do not split apart.”
Weed prepared rapidly as soon as enemies appeared in his sight. Usually, the skeletons would follow orders even if it meant getting their spines crushed but the Crema Knights’ charge had an effect inducing panic. Because it lowers morale and fighting spirit, it took some time for Undead to get in their assigned formation.

Necromancers snapped out.
“They keep attacking us.”
“Shouldn’t we fight back instead of just watching?”
Necromancers cast curse spells towards the Knights and created walls of bone. But due to the knights’ magic resisting armors, the curse spell wasn’t so effective. They also crushed the walls instantly and continued charging. The Necromancers were able to summon thorn vines to make a swamp area and disturb the Knight's charge.

Polon shouted in a loud voice.
“I have no grudges against the Necromancers. We only want Weed so get out of our way!
If anyone tries to help Weed, you will also be compelled to die by Hermes guild.”
An order of death by Hermes guild!
It’s impossible to step a foot in Haven kingdom, and you can’t enter territories of it affiliated guilds as well. There was not a single safe place in the central continent.

Hermes guild has been operating assassination units to take care of whoever’s on the order of death list.They were so very well-known for their infamous actions that the Necromancers couldn’t help but hesitate.

But Weed just smiled.
“Yeah, life is alway meant to be lived alone.”
He predicted that Hermes guild would target and fight him again. With all the wars of the Haven kingdom and establishment of the kingdom, he assumed the Northern continent was safe. But if they arrived with full preparation against Undead, it meant that they responded very quickly.

Usually, there were living-sculptures or trustworthy allies beside him. There was no way he would have reinforcements on par with Hermes guild around him because if something happened he was willing to forfeit the Undead Legion quest itself.

If there are at least ten magicians over level 350, it would be difficult for Weed unless he could close in the range with them. Mobilizing strong forces like rangers and magicians in an army unit just to hunt down Weed!
In contrast, Weed was by himself.

When you are fighting against gigantic mighty guilds, you have to expect to be in an unfair situation.
“Way better than the increase in gas price in winter or ice cream with decreasing size and inflating price in summer.”
Criticizing dirty society, he took out his sword. Focused his strength in his fingers and grabbed the sword tightly. The Knights were approaching like the wind.

‘My body is at its worst condition.’
Even though as Undead his stamina did not decrease, only one third of his health was left. Even though he got out of the monastery and Natalia Plains, his reduced combat capabilities from the holy power hadn’t fully recovered yet. They were still reduced by approximately 15%. He considered getting on a gargoyle and escaping but then all arrows and spells would be targeting him.

There was not enough time to call the Death Knights again and if many were gathered, they would surely be attacked by attack spells.
Weed exploded with Roar of the Lion.
“All Undead, listen!”
Weed didn’t speak quickly while the Crema Knights were rushing towards him. Instead, he was taking a breath.
500 meters, 400 meters, 300 meters.
With no interference from the Necromancers, the Crema knights closed the gap instantly.

“Dismantle defensive formation, get in offensive formation!”
To stop enemies’ rush, the defense of ghouls, skeletons or zombies was way too weak. Even Weed’s affiliated elite Undead would be no match for them.

Then if defence did not work, choosing offence was Weed’s method!
If the Undead blend in with knights, they won’t be targeted by arrows or spells.
“All attack!”
Undead from every side except the rear clustered against the knights. They were all injured and limping but the number was tremendous.

Polon shouted with disappointment.
“Oh, Weed. What a disgrace to your name. If you think you can hold our feet with this shallow numbers it's really laughable!”
Only warriors and soldiers with proper armor can stop the Crema Knight's charge.
Undead with weak defense would just be easily penetrated.

The clash between Undead and knights!
Skeletons were demolished and their bones flew off and ghouls turned into grey light. Every time knights stabbed with spear and slashed with swords using their speed, Undead died. Even their spears and swords were covered by silver so they could not hold out.

They were smart enough to use holy power, holy water and silver against the Undead. The Veteran Undead that Weed and the Necromancers worked to difficulty assault the El Vance Monastery with were being slaughtered mercilessly.

While the knights were taking care of Undead, Weed moved.
‘Of course I knew Undead wouldn’t be of any great help.’
It was impossible to stop the enemies’ rush with half-dead Undead. Even so, he had to try using the large number of Undead.

Weed blended in with the Undead.
About 130 Death Knights, who could not ride gargoyles, that were summoned by other Necromancers were still alive. When the Dullahans and Death knights rushed at the knights trying to break through the bunch of Undead, Weed blended in with them and attacked.
“Dark Energy!”
Approaching with a skill of a Death Knight that consumes mana for increased attack.
“Heriam Fencing!’
When a knight was busy stabbing a dullahan beside Weed with a spear, Weed aimed at his horse.

 - 1st stage of consecutive attack succeeded.
Agility increased by +20%.

As the horse collapsed, the knight fell to the earth with it.
Danger followed a knight’s charge!
Not only does their health drops down sharply, they fall into confusion when they fall from their steeds. Because the other knights might attack Weed to try and save their ally, Weed couldn’t finish off the fallen knight.

His next target was the knight trying to stop his horse so he wouldn’t trample over the fallen ally in front of him.
While the knight was using his spear hand to grab the bridle with all his might, Weed jumped and struck him twice.
A consecutive strike that continues like a shadow!
“Two, three.”

 - 2nd stage of consecutive attack succeeded.
Strength increased by +40%.

 - 3rd stage of consecutive attack succeeded.
Agility increased by +40%.

Right after the knight fell down from his horse due to the attack, Weed flipped twice in air and stole the knight’s horse.
“Four, five, six!”

 - 4th stage of consecutive attack succeeded.
Strength increased by +40%.

 - 5th stage of consecutive attack succeeded.
You instantly killed a horse.

 - 6th stage of consecutive strike succeeded.
You struck the enemy’s helmet.
Enemy fell into confusion.
You have disabled mana-consuming skills for 25 seconds.

Riding his horse in the same direction Crema Knights were moving, he attacked the knights.
A Death Knight chasing knights of Hermes guild from behind!
“He’s coming from behind.”
“Turn your horses around!”
“He keeps chasing!”
Weed was like a leech as he followed closely behind and attacked the knights. The speed of horse was much faster for a Death Knight with light armors. Every time Weed swung his sword, knights either fell down from their horses or died.
The overwhelming prowess of a Death Knight!

Weed hoped that his Death Knights would hop on the riderless horses and follow him quickly but unfortunately they were busy finishing off fallen knights. Because he was by himself, he didn’t have time to open his mouth and command Undead.

“I waited for this day. I, Infore, shall claim the glory of killing you!”
Crema’s knights turned their upper bodies around and swung their swords and spears.
If they don’t put their full weight on it, their attacks won’t be fully activated. It was incomparable to Weed who can just ride his horse forward and slash with full power, but they couldn’t resist their greed.

Infore’s greed and pressure caused his shoulders to tighten and his motions weren’t smooth. Making sure their spears didn’t pierce him, Weed twisted his body around and then slashed the knights. It wasn’t hard avoiding their strikes because they were stabbing backwards but he would be grievously wounded if he gets stabbed even a little by those holy spears coated with silver.

Infore dropped a relatively decent shield and died.
It was Weed raising his earnings quite highly.

Polon : He should be exhausted but he’s resisting annoyingly. Stopping the horses will let them get smashed in a row and he might run away to the other side.

Number 4 to 6, keep running forward.
Number 1 to 3, follow me.

Under Polon’s command, the knights being chased split in two ways.
One drew Weed in with continuous attack and defense, the other with Polon in turned around drawing a circle. Undead littered the ground but they moved as if there were no obstructions. The intersection of two units of knights was getting closer.

Polon and his knights, and even the Necromancers opened their eyes wide to not miss a single action of Weed. Weed was inflicting heavy damages in a split second by himself using Undead exposed to holy power.
Is he trying to ditch the chasing knights and trying to blend into the Undead?!
Weed’s eyes went up to the sky. Death Knights on gargoyles were flying around but with the concentrated fire from arrows and spells, they burned and crashed into the ground.

It’s was impossible to cause some damage by penetrating through guards of rangers and magicians.
‘This is hard. With what’s left of the Undead... I won’t even be able to take down all the Knights.’
Weed kept chasing knights and slashed them.
“Heriam Fencing!”
He dropped knights to the ground where Undead wandered or killed them on horseback. While he was showing off his tremendous ability with Heriam Fencing, the other units of knights behind Weed arrived.
“Time to die, Weed!”
Polon went past Weed, stabbing a spear from the side.
But Weed was able to barely twist his body so his spear only grazed Weed’s shoulder.

 - You have been hit by a fierce charge of a knight
Due to heavy damage, your armor’s durability was reduced. Defense reduced by -7%.
The active Heriam Fencing skill has been cancelled.
As the skill was interrupted, you lose sense of balance for 1.3 seconds.
You have been attacked by a weapon coated with holy silver.
Loss of health increase by 2x.
Power of Death decreased.
Temporary paralysis status can come, but it’s not active now.