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Volume 23 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Great King Avannah

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Crema’s knights arrived as well.
Weed drew his sword and blocked but he wasn’t able to defend against multiple attacks at the same time.

- You received a critically hit.
With tough resilience, you receive reduced damage.

- You received a critically hit.
With tough resilience, you prevented the effect of confusion from extreme pain.

- Your sword's durability has reached its limit and broke.

Weed’s sword completely shattered.
Though it was a ‘Legendary Rusted Sword’, he’s been using it well by repairing it but after the battle at the monastery and defending from the knights’ fierce charge, its durability fell sharply and got broken.

- You received a critically hit.

After five consecutive critical strikes of holy silver weapons, his resilience reached its limit and caused a paralysis on his whole body. And after three more strikes, his health was almost gone and he tumbled down his horse. Falling from a galloping horse caused heavy damage even for a death knight with relatively light armors.

- Your life is dangerously low.
Getting helps from life-sharing partner.

- Seo Yoon shares your agony.
Maximum life 114,290.
You can use Berserker’s Skills up to 70% of partner’s mastery.

- You can use a Skill ‘Dance of Insane Warrior’ at Intermediate Level 8.
You can use ‘Berserker’s Swordsmanship’ at Intermediate Level 4.
You can use ‘Death Executor’s Swordsmanship’ at Intermediate Level 6.
Defensive Skill ‘Endurance of Battle’ is activated at Intermediate Level 7.  
During battles, prevents sharp drop of life and inhibits injuries.

With some of Seo Yoon’s health passed onto Weed, he was barely able to stand up.
“‘Dance of Insane Warrio’r and ‘Berserker’s swordsmanship’…”
He didn’t have time to check how many Skills were in each swordsmanship branch and what effects they might have. He could only try using it. He’s been hunting with Seo Yoon for a long time but the skill she usually used were not that many.
“Live or Die.”

- You are armed with the sword of a vengeful ghost knight.

He armed the sword in hurry and activated a Skill.
“Dance of Insane Warrior!”
Weed activated his Skill towards the oncoming knights. Every time he blocked their swords he flew back a few meters, leaving trails of mana that was red like blood.

Every time Weed defended against their attacks, he stumbled and lost life.
‘I’ve seen this Skill before.’
It was a Skill Seo Yoon used against Kubicha, the Great Warrior of Chaos. It happened in a split second but it tied up Kubicha and even put Weed in danger. When these red, blood-like mana trails spread around, they formed a special symbol, turned into strong energy and exploded outwards.

- ‘The Dance of Insane Warrior’ begins.

A large explosion that turned the ground inside out occurred.
A Death Knight increase his attack with dark energy during a battle. It was a skill heavily depended on fighting spirit and even Heriam Fencing didn’t consume much mana. But the ‘Dance of Insane Warrior’ was an unbelievable attack that consumes more than 70% of Weed’s unused mana.

- 6 knights of Crema died.
Fame increased by 469

- Obtained small amount of experience.

It was an attack of sharp energy so they couldn’t fully guard against it with their armors. Weed lost his sense of balance from the repelling power of the Skill but he immediately kicked off the ground and ran away. There were enemies everywhere so he needed every chance he could get.

‘First Skill in the Swordsmanship of Aggressor, The Seal of Prisoner.’
Running through the dust, he spotted a knight fell from his horse due to the ‘Dance of Insane Warrior’. Weed targeted his vital point and swung his sword at his neck.

- The Seal of the Prisoner hit on target.
Until the target dies or gets healed by a cleric, the seal won’t disappear.
Continuously bleed out and health decrease by 160 per second.

Weed used the ‘Seal of the Prisoner’ on eight knights. He was able to strike four points on one knight alone.

‘Second Skill… Sword of Fighting Spirit.’
The ‘Sword of Fighting Spirit’ was a skill that increase Weed’s attack in proportion to the damage the he received.  Attacking another knights, he activated the third Skill, ‘Sword of Slaughter’. It was a skill that could only be used when the player’s life was very low.

But it was a desperate swordsmanship that either the player or enemy must die.
By giving up all defense to kill the target, it increased the destructive power exponentially.


As Weed was active beyond extraordinary against the knights, Polon and the Crema Knights were very puzzled. With those harsh injuries, he should have already died but he kept resisting till the end.

‘How much health does he have?’
‘His Skills and movements changed a bit.’
The fact that his resilience and attack grew larger than when he started the battle was a reality that could not believe.

Polon had a planned to ask him for a duel. Drive him into a dead end, then fight one on one and claim a perfect victory. To be honest, killing Weed was could be claimed as the greatest glory so he really wanted to have a duel.

‘But killing Weed is top priority. I can’t afford to give him time to heal.’
His overall evaluation of Weed improved. Not only was he at a high level and fully aware of his Skills, he knows how to fight and dominate a battle with lesser force. Even high-rank officials in the communication network of the Hermes guild instructed him to kill Weed no matter what it took.

‘I can’t give Weed an opportunity to escape and I can’t afford to take casualties anymore.’
Polon trained the knights of Crema Knights directly. As the battle dragged on, they were suffering and getting killed by the gradually recovering Undead.

Polon : I authorize magicians and rangers to attack Weed directly.

After giving an instruction to the Spellcasters and Rangers, he withdrew with his knights.
Morning was coming.
Weed noticed something suspicious was going on and clung to Crema knights to prevent any chance of attack.

Polon : Just do it. Even if there are casualties, it’s better to kill Weed fast and end the battle.

A spell was casted with some knights in the range of the spell.
Just when spells were casted and arrows were shot towards the place where Weed and knights were entangled.

Weed quickly stole away on a horse and rode with all his power.
He was observing the facial expressions and behavior of players in the Crema Knights. Then he turned around to the direction where magicians were and ran away without even looking back.

An animalistic survival instinct.
Behind the direction Weed was riding in, Crema knights died from spells and arrows.
“Keep attacking. Kill him!”
In range of Polon’s loud cry, Weed had to make a decision. There was no place to run in Natalia Plains full of knights and Undead. To escape this place completely, he had to keep avoiding attacks from rangers and magicians but that was truthfully impossible.

There is no way he can dodge sky-filling arrows or fire balls, icicles and covering of dirt.
‘About 32% health left.’
Based on his estimation, he will die instantly if he gets struck by the consecutive spells.

The rush of knights were hard to handle as well. He can use the characteristic of Berserker to resist them escaping was another problem. With the dispersed knights chasing him in many directions and support from the magicians and rangers, he would die before getting anywhere.

‘If so, the only place I can run to is….’
Weed drove his steed towards El Vance Monastery.
“Let’s go!”
It was the only place without blockades and opposite of where rangers and magicians were standing. El Vance Monastery was a fatal place for Undead and going back there was an unimaginable or idiotic choice.

“Chase him. Do not let him get away!”
Crema knights began their chase but because of their comrades who died in the long-range attack, they hesitated and the gap was getting wider. However, they soon started closing the gap.

As Weed got closer to the monastery, he was affected by holy power and his strength and health kept decreasing. Even though he had the occupational characteristics of Berserker, his weak points as an Undead remained.
It was a bad combination for running away!

“Trying to make a living is not easy.”
Looking around the vicinity, there were corpses of Undead and monsters everywhere. It would be useful if he could use Necromancers Skills but all he could do was efficiently controlling Undead armies.
He could only continue forward.

He was in such hurry that he didn’t get a chance to give other commands to Undead. About ten seconds later, the other knights will arrive, so he had no time to hesitate. There were many signs of natural disasters and the destructions wrought by the Undead.

Weed found a dark crack under the altar. Normally it wouldn’t stick out but as an Undead, he was sensitive to holy power. There was enormous holy power coming out from the crack.
Weed started drooling.

“Truly I really have no choice.”
Even in a situation where his life is at stake, Weed just followed his instincts regarding items. Weed dug through the altar and entered.

“He’s not here.”
“He just entered here. He might be hiding so keep looking!”
“If he prepared an ambushes, it might be dangerous.”
“He’s an Undead. He wouldn’t be able to endure holy power for a long time. We need to find him quickly.”
A few seconds after Weed disappeared he Crema Knights arrived.
While the holy power was a disadvantage to Weed, the holy power gave them a blessing effect with regeneration of vitality and health. Compare to their usual they were able to perform with double their original abilities, it was a only a matter of time before they found Weed and killed him.

You have become the discoverer of a dungeon, the underworld of El Vance Monastery

Privileges: Fame increased by 900
Double experience and item dropping rate for one week.
Very first monster you hunt will drop a best item it can possibly drop.

Coming here after escaping from the enemy, Weed was unhappy as he looked at the dungeon privileges.This place is categorized as a dangerous place for Undead so he can’t even log out.
When he logged out during battle or when health was decreasing, the body remains and ends up dead eventually.

“I guess I have to keep continuing.”
Weed raised his sword and started running forward. Berserkers are good in a battle but when you stop and begin resting, he become much weaker than usual.
“Let’s find where this dungeon ends!”

It was only a matter of time before the knights found the entrance to the dungeon.
Few seconds if fast and few minutes if late. Weed ran down the path of the dungeon. Even without the Undead’s vision, the inside was brighter than daylight. It was because every wall and corner, and even the embedded crystals were shining.

- Remaining health 19%.

He did not look at the mystical sight and kept running.
“Intruder. After a long time, there finally is a intruder.”
A monster that looked like a moth that has been grown to two meters jumped out.
The name was Avannah.

As a monster feeding off holy power, its average level was about 300. There is always a scramble for dungeons with Avannah because they had low life and they become much easier if its wings were targeted first. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was an exclusive hunting ground for top guilds. It was icing on the cake that there were large amount of holy power in the environment where Avannahh dwelled.

However, Weed didn’t have time to face him so he just kept running forward.
“Quadruped Run!”
Weed increased his speed. He leaped streamlets flowing in the dungeon and when there were pits, he stabbed his sword on the wall as a run-up.
It was motions wild beasts would show.

It seemed like Avannah had certain area assigned as it stopped attacking and chasing and went back as soon as he leaped a streamlet. Even so, it was only it managed to take out 11% of Weed’s life.

“At this rate, I won’t even be able to fight.”
Only 8% of his health was remaining. Because he’s in a place with holy power spread around, his combat capabilities were weakened and his strength and mana started escaping.

“If only there is a teleportation gate leading to somewhere safe.....”
He had his hopes up but the possibility of finding it was less than one in ten. In a very rare occasion when the dungeon was fully cleared, was there a teleportation portal leading to the next area. But right now, he was just hoping and he didn’t even know the geographic features of the dungeon.

“But holy power is getting stronger this way.”
Weed followed the Undead weakening holy power. He could die in a multitude of ways, death was always nearby so he just wanted to confirm with his own eyes what lied at the end of the dungeon. And at the end of the path, he found it first.

Great king Avannah Lordriam!
Unlike normal Avannah, not only is it rare, it uses powerful holy spells and has high attack. Usually, one would form a party composed of players with alot of experience when a Great King Avannah appears. Because it is a monster over level 450 and if it appeared accidentally the hunt usually failed.

Considering its Skills such as blinding ray, binding and self-recovery, it’s extremely hard to hunt. The great king Avannah Lordriam in front of Weed was holding a small jewel in his fingers. Holy power was released from the jewel.

A Diamond of the Blessed Sanctum.
When held by priests and holy knights, it increases their faith sharply as well as the effects and range of holy spells.
Weed gains courage in front of items.
Jewels were easy to bargain with.

As though he was in a 100 meter race, he ran on four feet and jumped high onto Lordriam.
‘The only way to fight and win easily is to cut off its antennae.’
Lordriam has atrophied eyes so it read small signs with its antennae. The antennae could be said to be its only weakness.

‘The Dance of Insane Warrior.’

With Weed’s attack capabilities weakened, the only Skill that could inflict a damage to Lordriam was this one. Squeezing out his mana, he swung his sword at Lordriam’s eight antennae and then stepped on the ground. The energy of blood-like mana moved around and hit Lordriam’s antennae.

- You have inflicted a critical strike.

His concentration grew stronger the more danger he was in!
With moves he wouldn’t normally be able to perform in air, he cut Lordriam’s antennas.

Lordriam started struggling. Even though the antennas were cut it wasn’t over yet. It can heal itself with holy spells. Weed had to put out as much damage as he could while it was writhing at the pain of getting its antennae cut.

“The Seal of Prisoner. Sword of Fighting Spirit!”
Using his Berserker Skills, he attacked Lordriam. Usually, he would prepare his heart or come up with plans in his head when he encountered boss class monsters.

But Weed jumped up on his four feet, hitting it as much as possible as soon as he spotted Lordriam. As if he was trying to prove that no monster can stand in front of a beating, he circled around it and swung his sword.

Lordriam activated a holy spell.
Purification of Silence.
A holy spell that turns an evil creature to nothing. The Diamond of Blessed Sanctum magnified the effect. As Weed’s bones broke, it only left him with 2% health remaining.
‘I need to kill it no matter what…’

He tried to keep slashing Lordriam but another holy spell was used.
Turn Undead.
A spell incompatible with Undead!
Normally, an Undead higher than a Death Knight won’t collapse right away from Turn Undead. But Weed’s life was way too low so he couldn’t withstand the holy spells of Lordriam.

- Health has depleted. You have died.
Skill level for ‘Power to reject death’ is low. Due to holy power permeated to the body, the Skill hasn't activated.
You are unable to log in for 24 hours. Because of your death, your level and Skill mastery declines.

Not only three minutes after Weed died, Crema’s knights arrived.
After they came into the dungeon they encountered the Avannah and hunted it as fast as they could and came here.
“It’s the great king Avannah.”
“Its antennae are cut.”

Lordriam was already injured with many scars.
The Crema knights hunted Lordriam whose antennae were not fully recovered. They weren’t inflicted as much as the Undead by holy spells so it wasn’t that hard. Polon finished off Lordriam and picked up The Diamond of the Sanctum which Weed was craving.

“This rare item…”
After the battle, they were able to find many things besides items dropped by Lordriam.
“This must be the item Weed dropped as he died.”
A nearby knight picked up the item first.

- You obtained 3 old barley breads.

- You obtained chieves.

- You obtained rusty broken helmet.

- You obtained a wriggling worm.

- You obtained a molar of a skeleton.

“I can’t even remember the last time I picked up such poor items. Why was he even holding these?!”
The knight couldn’t resist his irritation and threw the japtems. As an Undead, their tendency was bound to lean towards misfortune and evil side. If you have a bad reputation, the possibility of dropping good items among the items in your possession multiplied several fold. But Weed died dropping bunch of useless items.

This was thanks to Weed’s thorough preparation
“There are many Necromancers. First of all, these Necromancers who like Undead aren’t normal.”
Ever since he received the quest from The Undead Legion and seeing there were many people, he didn’t trust them. The original sword, armor and expensive item he usually equipped were stored in the lord’s castle in Morata. He only had necessary items that increase leadership such as the horn or the royal seal and as soon as Hermes guild showed up, he hid them.

“I’m gonna lose the items anyway if I die….”
He entreated Marey and left it to him.
“You must give them back to me later.”
“I will do so.”
“If you look at the bottom of the items it written in small, ‘Weed’s item.’”
By preparing for his death in advance, he was able to not lose important items.
Of course, from Weed’s point of view, it was a matter of great regret that he couldn’t hide even japtems.


After confirming that Weed got killed by a monster, Polon and the knights came back to Natalia Plains.
“Necromancers, decide whether you will join Hermes guild or not.”
The Spellcaster and Ranger armies posed in preparation for attack. It was a little coercive but Polon clearly showed to Necromancers that if they don’t join Hermes guild, they would be killed right here.

“Wa… What should I do?”
“I like staying alone. But if I do join Hermes guild, there may be advantages.”
While the Necromancers were agitated, Jeanne straightened her shoulder and stepped forward.
“I will not join Hermes guild.”
“You must be Jeanne.”

Polon heard about the Necromancers through Zabrin.
“And the reason for not joining the guild is?”
“It could be said that the reason we could become Necromancers is thanks to Weed.”
“That’s it? If you reject Hermes guild, there will be a lot of dangers coming to you. Even now, I’m sure you have a lot to lose if you die here. I will give you another chance to change your decision.”
“My position stays unchanged. From the moment I became a Necromancers to these quests, every Necromancers owed Weed a great favor. I will not be a part of Hermes guild.”

Polon laughed with ridicule.
“You really think the other Necromancers think the same way as you do? Let me make it clear. If you stay there, you will die. Come to this side if you are willing to join Hermes guild.
Zabrin and the Necromancers that planned to join Hermes guild walked to where Polon was.

But more than ten Necromancers stood still.
Jeanne, Otem, Harien, Gruzed, Varenna and other players that fought together in the canyon. Some were already in guilds but they voluntarily rejected Hermes guild. Marie stood on Hermes guild’s side because he had to protect Weed’s items.
“The story will not end like this… Looks like a song with good story will come up.”


From KMC Media, adventures of Necromancers was being broadcasted live. Mainly because Weed was in the adventure, they started broadcasting live from the moment he revealed himself. Other broadcasting networks were broadcasting a program about Necromancers and The Undead Legion so there weren’t any changes to ratings.

This was due to CTS raising their ratings high with prodigious amount of funds from the parent company; LK gamers that broadcasted professionally with their established digital media system that was available 24 hours.

Beside them, new broadcasting stations and online broadcasting stations were established within a month.
As tons of people became interest int Royal Road and derived their joy from it, specialty channels also appeared.

Royal Road fishing channel.
Royal Road golf channel.
Dungeon chef.
Child of Versailles Continent.
Bard’s old boots.

As the influences of online game broadcasts grew larger, the competition got fiercer. KMC Media was a channel that secured a lot of fixed viewers based on support from a variety of players.

“Weed and The Undead have finally occupied the monastery.”
When Weed’s adventure went on air, general viewers visited the message board and responded. Besides game broadcasting channels, it was so popular that popular that it was republished on portal news sites. It was not only because Weed was a living legend of Continent of Magic, but he also kept having exciting adventures in Royal Road.

“Hermes guild suddenly appeared and started attacking. Ah, its an incredible force. There’s Polon, Crema Knights, ranger armies and Spellcasters.” When they were about to cut the broadcast with the scene of Weed clearing his last quest, hosts explained the sudden change of situation and even floated a subtitle.

Appearance of Hermes guild.
Attacking The Undead led by Weed.

They decided to prolong the broadcast until the dispute between Weed and Hermes guild ended.

-The second round of Weed and Hermes guild.

-Hermes guild sent out an assault team to a place where The Undead Legion stood in force just to kill Weed.

-A battle!

Ratings went up dramatically.
However, Weed’s condition was too poor to make any meaningful variable. They announced that Weed performed remarkably but then went in the monastery and was eventually killed.
Although he wasn’t killed directly by Hermes guild, it still broke the record of undefeated God of War.

Soon, the viewers’ message board was filled with comments regarding Weed’s death.

- Those cheap dirty bastards. They lost at Jigolaths and chased him all the way to there.
- These heartless cowards are all the same.
- They brought that much forces and ambushed only after the quest was cleared and he was exhuasted.
- Those guys were always way too far from fair and square.
- I don’t like a single action that Hermes guild makes.

The board was filled with comments criticizing Hermes guild harshly.


There was a beach east of Morata.
When the Northern Region was barely known to people, no one came to this place. But now, there are always players because there were many monsters worth hunting. On a rainy day, players with mud on their faces were working.

“How many did you dug up?”
“About 1,430. 400 more clams and then I can buy a longsword.”
These were players digging up clams and cockles to earn money. As Morata became a metropolis, the resident population inflated dramatically.

Food could be obtained by harvesting wheat and barley but novice players earned money by doing quests supplying the seafood market with fresh ingredients. When they were taking a rest stretching their backs, people came along with tide from the sea.
The Geomchis had finally arrived at the northern Versailles Continent.

- You have discovered a new sea route adjacent to Morata, the Northern Region.
By pioneering a sea route, your fame has increased by 420
By succeeding in your adventure, each stat has increased by 3.
Courage increased by 7.
Mastery of Sailing Skill increased.

- You have become the first person to cross the ocean by swimming.
You have successfully led a near impossibly reckless challenge.
Perseverance increased by 24.
Endurance increased by 31.
Vitality increased by 15.
Every stats increased by 9.

- Fame increased by 2,980
Every time you tell your story about crossing the ocean in a tavern, you gain extra 40 fame
If you talk to sailors or people with a special attachment to the ocean, you will be able to form very close intimacy.

- Ability to understand water increased.
Water-related magic resistance increased and affinity to spirits of water has been created.

- You’ve obtained a title ‘Legendary Iron Man of the Ocean’
After experiencing the rough ocean with their bare bodies they left a legend in the ocean no one can dare to follow.

Combat capabilities on the ocean increased.
You bring out unconditional supports from sailors.
Level of Sailing Skill increased by 3.
Among qualifications of admiral, an ability to read flow of currents increased.
Chance of assault from sea monsters reduced.

The Geomchi obtained achievements and titles that players with the ocean as their base only dreamed of.
“It was a good thing we swam?”
“Yes, well, let’s swim again if we ever get to go back someday.”
“I’m hungry. Let’s go get some food.”
The Geomchi headed in the direction of Morata.
They achieved a great feat in the ocean but ironically they couldn’t make any promise on when they are going to return to ocean.


KMC Media progressed with ‘Story of Versailles Continent’ after Weed died as was originally planned. It was a popular show hosted by Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan.

“A lot of things happened today. First of all, there was the celebration of the establishment of a new country in Haven kingdom.”
“That’s right. Many viewers were looking forward to this event. The celebration of establishment of Hermes guild was held today.”
“Looked like a lot of people participated”
“Would it be an exaggeration to say that participants completely filled the capital, Aren castle? Besides players from Haven kingdom, ambassadors from each guild and other kingdoms visited as well.”

On the screen, the celebration of Haven kingdom newly reformed by the Hermes guild was seen. The fancy palace, interior castles and exterior castles were crowded with people. Bardray put a crown on his head, wore clothes representing the king and placed a sword around his waist.

“I appoint you as the count to rule Doria region.”
“I will devote myself loyally.”
“I appoint you as the viscount of Borask.”
“It’s an honor.”

He officially appointed high-rank players from Hermes guild as nobles.
Haven kingdom was going to be re-established under centralism but by being appointinted as nobles, various stats could be earned. In case of Bardray, he gained the most fame in the kingdom and a considerable amount of nobility, leadership, dignity and honor.

The king had a separate governance power.
The higher it is, the more loyalty they received from the nation and the morale of knights and soldiers increased. Governance power wasn’t not a stat that could be increased normally. It was depended on governed territories, population of residents, knights, magicians, business, and the development of technologies.

It could go up or down even from winning or losing a war, accomplishing a large-scale trade, or suffered a flood or drought. If he governed excellently, many positive events would occur and he could even get the blessings of gods.

Bardray became the player with most level in Versailles Continent and the highest authority.

“It is a truly a spectacular scene. There were many spectacles of knights’ duels at the end of the celebration. We will bring it to you shortly.”

“I think many of the viewers are wondering about Embinyu Church. We have news ready today about the Embinyu Church, isn’t that right Oh Joo Wan?”
“Of course its prepared. There seems to be inquisitors wandering around the regions held by the Embinyu Church.”

The Embinyu Church that appeared like a storm and brought the Versailles Continent to chaos. The Embinyu Church was an evil influence that occupied several castles and possessed huge armies in the central continent where each guild was vying seriously for territories. They were an influence that represented malice but players were able to chose whether to join Embinyu Church of not.

With players’ joining their forces, the Embinyu Church spread around like wildfire. In the lands owned by Embinyu Church crops withered and rivers dried up. While the Versailles Continent was suffering with measles, only Thor, the kingdom of dwarves and the Northern Region have remained fine without the Embinyu Church’s activities.

What exactly happened in Thor kingdom was unknown but the Niflheim Empire in the Northern Region collapsed because of the Embinyu Church. Weed drove the Embinyu Church out and began re-establishing the Northern Region and Morata. It was only an assumption that if they dispelled the power of Embinyu Church in advance, there wouldn’t have been damages from sudden rage.

“If you get caught by the inquisitors of the Embinyu Church, they will attack you in the name of judging heresy.”
“I heard if you are a paladin or priest the harassment will be harsher?”
“That’s right. If you get captured by them, you lose fair amount of faith so please be careful.”
“Fix your channel as a guest will talk about the Embinyu Church in our second part! Do not forget about this. Let’s continue with other stories.”
“Yes, next on the news….”

Lee Hyun went out of the capsule and went to the market.
There was no rest for a Dark Gamer. Versailles Continent was always open so to stay ahead of everyone else, they can’t afford to take a break. The only opportunity was when they lost their lives and could not connect for the next 24 hours.

“Let’s make some Kimchi.”
It was a day for him to make kimchi for the winter period. Lee Hyun stacked delivered chinese cabbage and ingredients in his yard and started making kimchi.

Every time he ripped cabbage off, he whispered.
“Hermes guild…”
“How dare you touch me.”
“My japtems.”
“To upend my rice bowl.”
More grudges stacked up as he soaked about 200 chinese cabbages!
The impact was too severe. His valuable items could be taken too.

He turned on his television and watched KMC Media as he was making kimchi for winter. Even though he was fairly aware of many things happening in Royal Road through the board, he had little interest in the accidents happening in irrelevant lands. But as broadcast program usually selected important incidents it was watched in detail.

“Expansion of Embinyu Church...”

They were a force that even Alveron, the pope candidate for Church of Freya, kept strict vigilance. The strength of Daymond from the guild ‘Predators of the Land’ that put the Versailles Continent in danger was actually from the Embinyu Church. Lee Hyun was able to know about this by getting close to Daymond through the chat room of Dark Gamers Union.

When members of Predators of the Land’ die, their bodies are offered to the god Embinyu forever as sacrifice. It meant the complete deletion of a character so they had to start over as beginners and they chose to start in Morata.

It was said that Daymond and his people seem to take quests covertly. Someday he will die too but until then, he has been living his life as a Dark Gamer faithfully to get as many items he can.

“Well, Embinyu Church is not what I should focus on right now.”
Morata was being invaded by the Undead Legion and the Hermes guild sent out an assault team to bother him.
“This won’t be resolved peacefully.”

Lee Hyun killed every guild that was in his sight in the Continent of Magic so he was well aware of how useless it was to discuss a cause or justification.
It was a world decided by the rule of power.

His sister came back from library, helped him make kimchi and ate boiled pork with him at dinner.
“Eat up, brother.”
As she became a university student, his sister was more grown-up lady feeding him some pork and peeling fruits.
‘I never knew a day like this would come...’

Just five years ago, Lee Hyun had some extreme thoughts.
But what always made him change his mind right before the final moment…
‘This current situation… I can’t even die.’
He didn’t have any relatives to collect condolence money and to build a coffin and holding a funeral cost money, so he couldn’t afford to die.

It was a moment when he desperately craved for a free fish cake soup from a cart bar. But now, he was able to cook things from purchased ingredients and he has his own house in his name. Lee Hyun was living his life feeling small happiness every day.
“I should sleep early today.”

Early next day, he went grocery shopping and didn’t forget to train his body at the dojo.
‘Hermes guild….’
Lee Hyun swung his sword gnashing his teeth carefully in anger, there was no industry like the dental industry that charge the most fees.

It was a murderous sword filled with his grudge.
After finishing his agenda for today, he came back home, cleaned, and watched some television to pass the time.
And then time for Royal Road had finally come.
Lee Hyun entered the capsule without any hesitation.


The Geomchis visited eight restaurants in Morata.
“This place is delicious too.”
“There was a reason why this place is doing good business, Sahyung.”
It wasn’t that they had expensive taste that they sampled food and came out right away. They ate generously from the eight restaurant that they cleared out the ingredients.
Overeating and gluttony!

In Royal Road if a player ate a lot they could get fat, but that was something very far from these Geomchi that often fought and moved around. While wandering around, eating to their heart’s content they heard something from a passerby.

The second advance of the Undead Legion!
It seemed that the combatant-class players were deployed to protect Morata and the arts-class players were cheering them on voluntarily. Not only did they draw symbols on armor, bards and dancers followed them in the battlefield and performed.

Most requests from the lord’s castle, Church of Freya, Church of Lugh, and mercenary guilds were about hunting down Undead. Due to the emergency situation, Morata was operated on the war basis.

In front of the castle gate, there were many novice players that just started and the square was still filled with players selling things. Visits from tourists weren’t affected but anyone in Morata felt a sense of crisis due to the advance of Undead Legion.

“It’s outrageous that the Undead are advancing to the land of our youngest.”
“Looks like we were too careless.”
“Shouldn’t we return the favor for all the free food?”
“Let’s get warmed up.”
With their hands full of food, they headed to the battlefield where The Undead Legion was approaching.

The Undead soldiers brought chariots with blades on their sides and middle-sized Undead made out of corpses of Morghis and Nukalis were on a rampage. The Armies of Morata, the Priests of the Church of Freya, Paladins, and players placed in a long line fought Undead while maintaining their defense formation.

There were tremendous amount of players holding flags of Grass Porridge religion and high-level players from across the central continent.
It was not an exaggeration to say this place was a true battlefield.

“I like this place. Disciples, let’s go!”
“Yes, Sahyung!”
The Geomchi walked towards Undead. The Undead jumped in fiercely without knowing anything and the Geomchi simply slashed them and walked across the battlefield.

‘Everyone bring it on.’
‘Stronger, the better.’
Combat chariots, Morghis, Nukalis, Dullahan, Death Knights.
There was no need to differentiate them. Whatever comes into the Geomchi’s range, they would just beat into a pulp. As they entered the area swarming with Undead, they split from each other and all they could see was Undead everywhere but that was okay.

The Geomchi slashed every Undead they could see.
A complete trance!
In reality, they were many frustrating situations for them. Even if they master swords and train their bodies to a high level, they barely got to use it in real life. When someone messed with them, they had to pretend and tolerate like nothing happened and just pass on by.

They trained themselves taking patience and self-control as a virtue. Their hot blood pumped hotter than anyone else but there was no place to blast it.

Royal Road was a small outlet for them.
Only thinking about strength, they looked for stronger men and fought. They don’t have to hide the wild nature hiding deep within their masculine instincts.
“Bring it on, Undead! Bring someone stronger than you!”

The Geomchi were extremely excited.
They swam across ocean and trained but nothing was better than using their bodies to fight like now. The irresistible pleasure coming out when you forget about everything and purely focus on each ongoing battle!

“Not enough, I want more!”
The Geomchi slaughtered undead at random.
They hop on rhinos and fought, they killed every undead they saw. They mainly used swords but they picked up any kind weapons like blades, iron maces, axes and chains and used them. Because the Geomchi mastered Weaponry skill, they can use any kind of weapon they wanted.

There was a difference in the center of gravity and striking point for each weapon, but the power of rotating the waist while heading the weapon to slash enemies in half remained the same.
Melting into the fight with techniques forged in wild battles!

- Undead Legion is retreating.
The battle ended with a victory for Morata’s defense force.

While the Geomchi were taking care of the main force, Paladins were able to kill the witch named Bianca that controlled the Undead Legion armies and claim victory.

To Be Continued.