Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Future Plans

Thank you for all your comments. I am going try stop being bothered by this.

Will be finishing up vol 26.
Going to give vol 27 a try, but will alternate with a new series to keep me going.
If I can't, then I am going to skip directly to the fun part that's happening in LMS.

Thanks to Haikai and Bloodadept for recommending the new series. Will probably publish ch 1 of it today, seeing how short it is.

Edit (20-October-2015)

Hmmm, here is your response for that post, I shall attempt to do it logically so that you can comprehend it, or you can ignore it and do whatever you want and continue spamming like a 5 year old. #1 the mtl group has asked End if they could work together, and End replied in the negative, he quote on quote said he did not mind the "competition" and so he left the mtl to its own devices. I am not saying End does not translate well, in contrary he is really accurate and precise, but the mtl group have asked, and End had given them permission. Now the mtl group is not using End as a janitor as you so artistically called it, he does not clean up our trash as you so verbosely and publically called it, and so I ask, what will you do? You have complained and complained about the mtl group, but what exactly has the group done that was wrong? They had gotten permission from End, the even said that their own translations were not perfectly accurate, they just post for the people that view the site, which people actually do. And so I am wondering why are you making such a fuss? I truly do not understand your logic or your complaining, please just stop, its annoying if you want them gone then just report them to the copyright police and you can kiss lms translations good bye, so unless that is what you are going to do then I suggest you stop your childish behavior, unless you are a child, then I ask you to grow up.

I think I need to clear  this: 

1) I don't care what you do, you can do whatever you do. It's a free world. 
2) But let's get this straight. I never been contacted by your group, until last week Wednesday. 
3) Knowing about your existence and approving are two different things. 
Yes, I been working under the condition that you existed, but I never gave this 'permission'
as you eloquently put it. 
4) I never once complained about your translation group, only that I was demotivated by the lack of readership. But you are keep dragging my name into it. 

So please, lmsmachinetranslation group:
Leave my name out of it.