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Volume 26 Chapter 5

5. Church of Lugh
Translated by End, Proofread by Bloodadept, Froshi, Shadowlink, Britsch

Shock swept through the Versailles Continent once more.

The burning of Serabourg Citadel. An incident where more than half of the players and the villagers perished within. Although the players could revive after receiving a penalty, the Citadel and its people were lost forever.

The siege of Serabourg Citadel
The exodus of the villagers, lead by Weed
Replays of the Royal Knights battling their foes
The great fire of Serabourg Citadel
And a mysterious sculpting skill that could summon a flood.   

These videos were trending on the top throughout the day.

After the burning of Serabourg Citadel, the Embinyu forces scattered rather than facing the Rosenheim Kingdom's army straight on. Using this opportune moment, every region in Rosenheim Kingdom erupted with insurrection.   
and in every region of Rosenheim Kingdom, insurrection occurred.

“Even Rosenheim Kingdom is unstable now.”

Lee Hyun was eating his seafood noodles as he watched the television.

“This is the place where Serabourg Citadel once stood. The place has been burned to the ground and the only evidence that this place was once a Citadel are these remains of wreckage and rubble.”
“Mr. Oh Joo Wan, I just cannot believe that this place was once the flourishing capital of the Rosenheim Kingdom.”
“Yes, even I was surprised when I first saw this scene. Have you ever visited Rosenheim Kingdom before Miss. Aring?”
“Not yet. It has been a place where I dearly wished to visit at least once, but now it seems it will be impossible to see its previous grandeur.”

This was the aftermath of the fire of Serabourg Citadel that soared brightly into the sky. Before the flood quenched the fire. Only burnt outlines of buildings were left in the ruins of Serabourg Citadel.

Currently, Miss Shin Hye Min, the KMC media’s anchor was on leave so the new star anchor Aring was in her place.

“The players that have logged in after a week are standing in the square, looking around with a stupefied expression.”

The players who had logged out before the battle of Serabourg Citadel took place, logged in only now, after the army of the Embinyu Church had departed.

“I am currently in an interview with a merchant. How do you feel right now?”
“I don’t know. It’s just depressing.”
“The damages caused by the Embinyu Church seem significant, what will you do now?”
“Go to another place and continue my business there. It’s not the first time I have been ransacked.”

The merchant left, dragging his wagon behind him.  

Afterwards, she interviewed several other players but the majority gave the same answer. Departing for another castle or Kingdom.

“Still, Mr. Oh Joo Wan, many players are claiming to have seen light of hope in Serabourg Citadel.”
“Yes, I am sure there are many viewers out there who have also seen it through the live broadcast.”
“You are right. It’s the person I want to meet the most, the person I want to go out with! Apparently it was thanks to him that many were saved.”
“It was a strange coincidence that Wargod Weed was in Serabourg Citadel. I thought he had left for the Red Reed Forest and was sidetracked as there were no news about him for sometime. But to my surprise he appeared in Serabourg Citadel and played a major role in the incident.”
“I heard that through this event, Weed’s popularity has risen higher.”
“This is nothing new. You can say that the viewers have more interest in Weed’s distinct progress compared to the other Rankers. Weed has this unique charm about him.”
“Kyaa! Yes, especially when he chwiks! He makes these adorable chwick sounds that make me swoon.”
“Weed was the vanguard for the streams of refugees fleeing from Serabourg Citadel. He literally fended off the Embinyu Church with just one party member. All of Rosenheim Kingdom are praising Weed, and through this incident the surviving players are using this opportunity to move to Morata.”

Lee Hyun felt embarrassed due to all the flattery about him on tv.

“It’s been a long time since I have been complimented. The last time was in primary school, when the teacher told me that with a little bit of effort I could improve my dictation after receiving 65%.”

Just now he received a public confession from Yu Aring. She was an idol singer and worked as a tv host as well. In Royal Road, she tried to increase her popularity by posing as an eye catching priest and she had just publicly declared to him to contact her.

Of course Lee Hyun wasn’t so naive and had no plans to contact her. There was a huge difference between what was real and imaginary. If she was really interested and what she said wasn’t a telescript, she could always use the station’s contact lists to phone him first.

“More importantly, I need to get out of Rosenheim Kingdom as fast as possible. You never know when the Hermes Guild could come after me.”

From the news he learned that the King had escaped safely with his Royal Knights. The King had already gathered an army and began the counterattack, also commanding the nobles to subdue the Embinyu Church.

The Kingdom was embroiled in a civil war, with most players choosing to side with the King. The event to save the Kingdom was the perfect opportunity to stack up Contribution Points.

“There is probably going to be a large scale battle against High Priest Belloni. Belloni hasn’t revealed his abilities yet, but he definitely won’t be a pushover.”

It was at the point that Lee Hyun almost finished eating his seafood noodles.

“And now, we will continue with our coverage of the Central Continent. Mr. Oh Joo Wan, apparently it was another great victory for the Hermes Guild?”
“Ah, yes. If it wasn’t for the appearance of the Embinyu Church in Rosenheim Kingdom, this would had been the first thing I should have told the viewers. The greatest guild in Versailles Continent, Hermes Guild! They have once again defeated the Kallamore Kingdom’s army.”
“What happened to the supreme commander Kolderim? ”
“The knight above all knights, Kolderim, had participated in the battle today as well. After suffering defeat from the previous battle, he barely managed to escape but……. ”

In the previous battle, Kolderim and his knights fought desperately, piercing through the Haven Kingdom’s encirclement and withdrew. The Hermes Guild players tried their best to block Kolderim’s escape, but he managed to escape by the skin of his teeth.

Overall Kallamore Kingdom could not manage to avoid its scheduled defeat with their repeated failures, reducing the army size to insignificant numbers.

“Regrettably, we might not be able to see Kolderim ever again. Bardray has won a one-to-one duel against Kolderim.”

Several battles erupted daily in the war of Haven Kingdom against Kallamore Kingdom. They could not stand by and let Haven Kingdom conquer Kallamore Kingdom and Kolderim’s fiefdom. Even though Kolderim lacked a sufficient force, he continually went forward to defend his Kingdom and barely managed to return alive.  

In this battle, Kolderim was fatigued and seriously injured. In this state, he accepted Bardray’s duel and was killed in action.

“We will now show you the duel of Bardray and Kolderim.”

Lee Hyun watched closely. Kolderim had many serious wounds in difficult to see places while also suffering from negative effects from curses. On the opposite, Bardray had various blessings and looked as if he just woke up from a refreshing nap.

“Bardray probably had an energizing meal as well.”

With the duel taking place with these unfair conditions, Bardray was the clear winner. Even then, just because it was Bardray, it did not mean that Kolderim would have certainly lost. Even in this dire situation, Kolderim used his peerless skill to battle the enemy.

At the last moment when the winner was decided, Bardray put his sword by Kolderim’s neck and showed one last mercy.

“Join Haven Kingdom. If you swear your allegiance to me, I will let you live.”

Bardray wanted subordinates like Kolderim. But Kolderim rejected the offer.

“Do not insult a knight before you kill him. I came back from death so I do not fear it. I only regret my lacking ability to protect Kallamore Kingdom.”

Such was the end of Kolderim. Even the tv hosts felt remorse at his passing.

“Such a regrettable death. There were many fans who liked Kolderim.”
“Yes. But then, the damage done to Haven Kingdom by Kolderim isn’t so insignificant. If you take that into account, it would have been difficult to let him live.”
“Whenever Kolderim participated in battle, the soldiers and knights morale increased to maximum. Drawing out their best potential and allowing them to fight like the devil.”
“It’s now impossible to see Kolderim once more on the battlefield. I predict that the Haven Kingdom will occupy more regions with greater ease.”


The event of Spring in Korean University that would leave you disappointed if you missed it. The MT! Last Spring, Lee Hyun became quite famous and everyone, regardless of year, wanted to go with him. The place that was booked this year was said to surpass last years popularity.

“Sunbae, please take me along, please?”
“There are lot’s of ladies in my group, the Unnis said that they will not manage without Sunbae.”

There was a scramble in the various groups to make Lee Hyun join them. If one of the groups managed to land him, they would have no problem with meals, with sleeping arrangements and would have an advantage during sporting activities.

To Lee Hyun this was troublesome.

Though the place for MT was a secret, it would be an island or a mountainous location. He would need to take enough building material and just make a roof and lay down some blankets. The end. No matter the place, humans were more frightening than any animals.

“If they really wanted to make MT hard, they should just make them carry bricks on a multistory building or sew eyes on dolls for 4 days.”

Lee Hyun would have to sweat a bit in MT, but ultimately it was more of a holiday. In the end, he thought it was a waste to go to MT yearly and decided not to go. Of course, he was also absent for the new student introduction ceremony!

“It’s not like they won in lotto and they have to pay expensive registration fee every year to attend. Why do they even hold these ceremonies?”

He also decided not to attend sports day.
“These days my heart isn’t so good, so running above my limit leaves me dizzy and faint.”
Even saying that, when he practised his sword, he put in all his effort that his whole body was covered in sweat.

Lee Hyun was a person that no one knew existed in lecture hall if they did not deliberately search for him. The only reason people found him easily was that Seo Yoon was always with him. This was a great speculation among the juniors.   

“What’s so appealing about him? I just don’t know.”
“Maybe we don’t have eyes to see men properly.”

The female students were despondent about this issue.

This year, Lee Hyun applied for many liberal art classes on top of his major. Just because it was a university, there was no need to focus only on the major. Coffee making, politics, film studies, the age of the world. These were all subjects that did not link well, but after learning about them, it gave a strange, swelling feeling.

“This subject doesn’t check attendance regularly. I can skip this lecture later on and they did say it gives a lot of credit.”

Lee Hyun researched the various courses. It felt like the university did not offer subjects that were too difficult to learn.

“I shouldn’t attend university with no reason. Completing a teaching degree later on feels like a good plan.”

If Lee Hyun taught students in the future, the parents would bring in bribes naturally.

“Presents are devotion. Complete devotion.”

Lee Hyun had a small desire to become a teacher that would tell unabridged stories on life lesson.


The place Weed connected to was Highland Fort. It was a safe haven he reached with the refugees and players that had escaped Serabourg Citadel.

“Weed-nim is here!”

The players that survived thanks to Weed, greeted him warmly. There were also many players that stayed in Highland Fort as they wanted to tour the fortress.

Weed was the most sought after person in Rosenheim Kingdom. An ordinary person would find it bothersome or awkward when a crowd surrounded him. But Weed acted naturally as he even shook some of their hands.

“I have arrived. Did everyone have a good rest?”

Some time in the future, he might have to ask for their participation in a large scale quest, sell sculptures expensively or scam them so Weed had to maintain his popularity. This was his outstanding talent as the high priest of hypocrisy!  If Weed ever entered politics, he would completely abuse his position. And with Morata and Vargo Fortress growing daily, it was almost ripe for harvest.

Weed hurried to the flower shop owner Selina to report his quest.

“I tried my best but I could not save everyone.”

The casualties were great for the villagers of Serabourg Citadel and not all villagers followed Weed. Some villagers chose to stay behind, believing the soldiers could protect them. Few were caught by the Embinyu Church as they were following Weed and were sacrificed. Some few were also taken as prisoners and were converted.

The villagers of Serabourg Citadel who followed Weed to Highland Fort were around 98,000.

“There were many deaths. I feel a heavy burden due to their death.”
“No, I must thank you for taking on such unreasonable request. I am sure the people who survived due your courage feel the same.”
“Thank goodness.”
“You have showed us unbelievable courage, determination, sacrifice and support as you led the refugees from Serabourg Citadel. Thanks to you, I believe many people were saved.”


Evacuation of the Civilians Completed

You have led the villagers, trapped in Serabourg Citadel by the Embinyu Church siege, to a safe haven. They will never forget this for the rest of their lives.

Fame increased by 10,236 due to the completion of the quest and your actions.

Courage increased by 9.

Honor increased by 21.  

Charisma increased by 8.

Your level increased.

Your level increased.

Intimacy with the villagers that were rescued increased to maximum.

Selina unwound the flower bracelet and gave it to Weed.

“Please handle it carefully. Then the power of plants shall always be with you. ”

You have acquired Selina’s Flower Bracelet.


Having finally acquired the item, Weed used identify straight away.

Selina’s Flower Bracelet Durability 18/20. Defense 19.

A flower bracelet gifted by a High Elf. The Roseum and the Anthurium are still alive. The flowers enjoy sunny places and require sufficient watering. When damaged the flowers can recover themselves and vitalize the wearer’s health and strength. This bracelet is made of two different flowers, if one dies so will the other.

Must be over level 450.

Power of Elements dwells within.
Mana +2,500.
Elemental Shaman skill +1.
Magic skill +1.
Archer skill +2.

Durability recovers by 3 everyday. Blacksmith skill has no effect on this item. If you have a good relationship with plants, in forests and grass fields, you can receive their help.
Affinity to Nature +7% .
Growth item. As the plant grows, it’s effect will increase. The item’s effect is amplified by three fold to the Elf or Fairy race.


Weed was so happy that he wanted to dance a little jig right there. He could sell this to an Elemental Shaman, Mages or Archers and they would dump everything they had for a chance to buy the bracelet.

Also items that increased Affinity to Nature was especially hard to acquire.

“Disaster Nature Sculpting’s power will increase considerably!”

Careless use of the skill was virtually a suicidal move, but he would think about that later. Increasing the power of the disaster came first!

“I will give you plenty of water and sunshine so grow bigger everyday.”

He already equipped Baharan’s bracelet crafted from precious stones on his left arm. It was a treasure of the Niflheim Empire that increased magic abilities. He equipped the flower bracelet on his right arm and departed through the Highland Fort’s gate.

The bounty hunters instigated by Hermes Guild could strike anytime so he had to escape as quickly as possible.

“Is that person Weed?”
“Look at the equipment he's wearing. It’s amazing. It gives off a completely different feeling. It feels like he's wearing only unique items.”
“I’ve never seen such equipment on forums. He’s the War God so his equipment must be good.”
Players looked on as they followed after him.

Villagers were praising Weed’s achievement everywhere, not only in Rosenheim Kingdom but all over the Eastern side of Versailles Continent.  

The players entering the Fort were speaking.

“That guy, is he really Weed? Nevermind, he's really handsome. See Oppa, it was worth coming here.”
“Daeun, he looks ordinary. Why are you....”
Couples could be seen fighting here and there.

In Royal Road, it was commonly accepted that equipment makes the man. Weed was wearing the Tallock’s Faith armor together with his Demon Sword. On his head and feets were handmade helmets and boots. He finished off his ensemble with a swirling cape. He also had the Horn of Treserk hanging loosely on a thread around his neck. Weed looked dazzling just by standing still.

‘With my looks it’s difficult to live in this world.’

He usually didn’t wear armor or weapons within villages, but since there were many people who recognized him already he decided to wear it just for the show.


As soon as Weed called, from the setting sun, a Wyvern was flying toward him with it wings wide open.

“Wow, a Wyvern is really coming.”
“That’s the Wyvern Weed usually rides on!”

The players became more ecstatic as Wy-Three landed in all its glory. Weed climbed on top of Wy-Three and prepared to leave.

“Wy-Three, let’s go to Morata.”

Wy-Three prepared for the long distance flight with a powerful liftoff. Wy-Three was so used to this that it did not even try to avoid it anymore. It could just think of this as a trip with his Master, separating the wind with their fast speed as they fly through watching the amazing scenery. When he arrived in Morata, he could relieve his troubles to his Wyvern brothers.

“Oh, I remember, Seo Yoon is coming tomorrow.”
“Come here tomorrow for her as well.”
“Kuek kuek kuek.”

Tears fell from Wy-Three’s eyes as he flew off in front of the Highland Fort’s gate.


In the Red Reed Forest, the bounty hunters gathered to kill Weed were hunting by themselves.

“Damn, is Weed even coming.”
“Apparently, while we were waiting, he went to Rosenheim Kingdom. This was a complete waste of time and effort.”

The bounty hunters gathered about were composed of Warriors and Magicians. As there were no Priests among them, they could not help but suffer in the Red Reed Forest. The Hermes Guild’s Assassins were also spending their time contending with monsters. Even the additional reinforcements sent by the Guild were having a hard time with the herds of monsters in the forest.

“We just need to be patient for a bit longer. Weed finished his business in Rosenheim Kingdom so he must be coming here soon.”
“There is no other place for Weed to go to next. If we wait here, we will definitely catch him.”

The Hermes Guild did not know when Weed would come, but they separated to their established spots to prepare for an ambush. They set up comprehensive traps and waited patiently to kill Weed.

The Red Reed Forest continued to attract mercenaries, bounty hunters and assassins. So much so, that the forest was overflowing with them.
Even now mercenaries, bounty hunters and assassins continued to flock toward Red Reef Forest.


Vargo Fortress specialty, the monster rush!

“They are coming.”
“Deploy the archers!”

The starving monsters came at them from far away, kicking up dust clouds in their wake. But the soldiers of Vargo Fortress were trained and had actual battle experience. The 1,500 archers were deployed to the walls and fired their arrows toward the monsters.


The arrows only caused slight damage to the monsters. In terms of their level to the monsters, it made the soldiers of Vargo Fortress look feeble, making it impossible to cause large damage. If Weed was here, he would have wept bitter tears at the arrows they wasted.

“Prepare for the assault!”

The knights commanded the archers to continue their barrage while also deploying swordsmen up the walls.

The swordsmen began fighting every kind of monster that was scrambling up the wall. Cavalry was set as reserve, waiting, just in case the wall was breached.

Players also fought next to the Vargo Fortress army.

The Mages immediately prepared their attack spells when they saw the dust cloud the monsters were kicking up. They readied their spells in a safe place with plenty of time, increasing the power and the success rate of completing their casting. The Mages used magic attacks that were optimized for a wide area of effect.

‘This is the time to increase mastery and get more experience, who knows when I will get another chance like this? ’

The news of Vargo Fortress attracting monster swarms everyday was already spread widely, causing Mages to continually flock toward the fortress. Not only were swarms of monsters assured to come everyday, they could also stack up Fame and Contribution in Vargo Fortress.


Just before the swarms of monsters reached the wall, the few abnormal ones gave off a burst of speed and reached it first. But the monsters suddenly stopped and began to snarl at the wall.

On the wall were paintings of Barbarians, their natural enemies, holding spears. The painting gave off a sense of realism, making the monsters take the wall painting seriously.

Such scene could be seen occasionally elsewhere. Painting of steaming barbeque that monsters found mouth-watering were also drawn on the wall that was built in the middle of the wasteland. These painted walls became a focal point to the monsters.

The person responsible for all of this wall art was Petrov. His name was famous all over Vargo Fortress as a person who could paint masterpieces that could even make the monsters mistake it as being real.


Arrows continued to rain down on the monsters while the Mages used their spells to eliminate the monsters that were staring vacantly. It was a victory for the soldiers and players fighting valiantly behind the wall.

When monsters rushed in, some of the defenders would make a blunder and fall into a dangerous situation, but the soldiers and players protected each other. The players could earn a lot of experience points and experience, this was a rare situation. It was so good that every player who came to Vargo Fortress demanded to participate in the monster defence.

“Once again, an easy victory thanks to my paintings.”

Petrov could earn enormous amount of Contribution in Vargo Fortress due to this. But this was not the only thing Petrov did.

Country Snake, Cerberus, Worm and other Sculpture Lifeforms that were given life in Jigolaths were at Vargo Fortress. They came under the orders of Weed to protect the fortress and destroyed monster dens one by one far away. The Death Worm that acted in conjunction with the Knights to defeat the monsters. Petrov built up a friendship with these large sized Sculpture Lifeforms.

It happened one day when he was painting a new piece. The Death Worm that Weed named simply as Worm, popped up from the ground, observed and left. From that day, several other Sculpture Lifeforms came and introduced themselves.

“You are quite a friendly bunch. Let me draw something for you.”

Petrov sometimes drew for them or showed them the work he’d done till now, increasing his friendship. And as the Sculpture Lifeforms were birthed from art, they quite liked it as well.

“What an amazing talent.”
“He’s much better than our Master.”
“You are right. Our Master gave us strange names and just abuses us. I am beginning to like this painter.”

Petrov sought friendship with the 47 Sculpture Lifeforms, also buying them food every so often.

“Eat. I will bring some more if it’s not enough.”
“Nom nom. Delicious. It tastes like honey.”
“Bring some more meat tomorrow, and also, I want to drink grape juice.”
“I want to chew on some bones.”

Petrov fulfilled all their wishes.

‘Soon they will abandon Weed to follow me.’


On his way to Morata, Weed gave a surprise visit to the place the King Hydra and the Black Imugi hunted at.

“You guys!”

Using his 9 heads interchangeably, the King Hydra was stampeding through the forest, hunting.

“Long time no see.”

With it’s 9 head ramrod straight, the King Hydra approached Weed. It’s mouth could swallow Weed whole in one gulp. The King Hydra stopped once it stood in front of Weed.

“Move, I was here first.”
“4th head, you ate more yesterday, remember?”
“Me! The Master likes me the most!”

King Hydras were ferocious monsters who were vicious and did not heed orders. That’s why it was difficult for Weed to handle the Hydra. It had a large body; did not listen to beating; and even doing the utmost to persuade one head, it easily became corrupted by the sly tongue of the other heads.

The wisdom of ‘making sure not to meet the wrong kind of friends’ applied here as the King Hydra became crooked. Nothing could be done as from the beginning, all the heads were attached to one body.

Weed did not need to say anything, as he could clearly see the King Hydra’s belly protruding out.  

‘This guy became a glutton.’

King Hydra’s personality was unscrupulous and sceptical that no amount of compliments would help it listen to Weed.

Weed frowned.
“Who told you to eat so much?”
“You, did I not tell you not to hunt like that everyday?”
“4th head, I am talking to you. You better listen properly.”
“7th head I know it’s you.”
“From now when I am gone, make sure not to gorge yourself on monsters. They are also precious living beings.”

“I understand.”
“I will eat less from now on.”
The King Hydra acquiesced quickly.

But Weed knew.
‘When I am gone, they will hunt more diligently.’
Reverse psychology! When you tell them not to eat, they will want to eat even more!

“You, when I see you next time make sure you loose some fat.”
“I will try. But just breathing in air is making me fat.”
“We have 9 heads, even eating small morsels each will make us fat….. this is unfair.”
“I don’t care, make sure you lose the fat. Also, the purple tree, it’s dangerous so make sure not to get too close. At your level, you won’t manage. But I did hear the monsters there were really scrumptious...”
“Are they that delicious?”
“It tastes heavenly. Once you start eating, you won’t even know if one of your head’s disappeared. One monster has a complex mix of 6 different flavors, its sweet, sour, spicy, hot… and what was the other two again? No matter, the taste is unbelievable. It’s something you need to try out rather than listening about it.”

Each of the nine head of the King Hydra was drooling at the thought.

Using this method to direct the King Hydra to it’s most suited hunting ground, Weed pretended to leave, intending to watch what would happen. The 9 heads murmured quietly among themselves and went hurriedly toward the forest with purple trees.

Weed found the Black Imugi bathing at the lake located on top of the mountain.

“How have you been?”
“I been doing great. I have been enjoying the life you have granted me to the fullest.”
“I heard you made a new lair...”
“It’s just a small hole in the ground.”
“Should I call Bingryong and Phoenix for a housewarming party today?”

Black Imugi, who treasured his lair above all in this world, gave a small amount of jewels to Weed to keep his lair a secret. Weed even took pocket change from Sculptures whom he bestowed life upon!

After completing his simple visits, Weed flew toward Morata. As he had no need to hide himself in Morata, he decided to fly straight there while riding on his Wyvern.

“I should use this chance to visit the Church of Lugh in Morata.”

The Sword of Lugh. He still had an errand to return the sword. Weed could have made a simple detour to return the sword while on his way from Vargo Fortress to Grapass Region. But he was reluctant to part with such precious sword.


Church of Lugh. The Church was comparatively new in Morata, but it employed many Paladins and Priests. While it did not reach the height of the Freya Church’s reign in Morata, it was gradually developing.  

The Church of Lugh was one of the 5 major religions of the Continent. It was quite popular for it's application of light related holy magic. Church of Freya on the other hand, was more related to blessing harvest and birth. Freya Church also improved Charm and other such applications, having more holy magic that had no direct battle applications. Rather there were many people who chose the Freya Church as they became more handsome and appealing as their Faith increased.

Weed could see the many buildings he placed in Morata.
“The high buildings around the square are quite a sight.”
He could just feel the enormous amount of rents and taxes coming from these buildings.

The panorama of Morata he saw as he descended toward the ground on the back of his Wyvern… Morata clearly had become a great city. Shanties covered the entire hill, the statue of Goddess Freya gave off a feeling of magnificence around the whole area, the elegantly built Art Gallery with its massive garden, the Lord’s Black Castle, the Tower of Light located far on top of the rocky mountain.

And the streets were bustling with players. Many carriages were seen, pulled by cows and horses, carrying people and goods.

“A Wyvern is attacking!”

Someone cried out and everyone looked toward the sky. Then, they could see Weed riding on top his Wyvern, descending towards them.

“Lord Weed has arrived!”

The bell from the Black Castle began to ring as the news spread.

Weed couldn’t help but grin.
“These are definitely the perks of piling up goodwill. Such enthusiasm at my arrival....”

Weed was still far away, so he couldn’t hear what the players were saying.
“I have yet to see any city as good as Morata. But, maybe… you don’t think he has come to raise the taxes?”
“I was part of the expedition that fought the Undead Legion in Vargo Fortress. With the lack of news, I thought he ran off with the Sword of Lugh… but he’s here now.”
“Are you stupid? There is no way Lord Weed would run off with the sword.”

If Weed heard this conversation, part of him would be shaken by it. As he already considered the worst case scenario of running off with the sword and selling it! But seeing as there were no players with the qualification of using the sword, there was no chance getting away scott free if he sold it.

The players on the street were waving both arms, cheering Weed.

“The Lord returned!”
“Hurrah! Three Cheers for the Lord of Morata, Weed!”
Players were enthusiastic in their greetings!

As Weed flew over the shanties, players shouted in a loud voice.

"Grass Porridge! Grass Porridge!”

Villagers also gave courteous bows.

“Wy-Three, let’s fly straight toward the Church of Lugh.”

Tired from the long distant flight, Wyvern forced its wings to fly toward the Church of Lugh.


“I have come to meet the Bishop.”

From the rooftop of the Church of Lugh, Weed called out to the Paladin below. Wy-Three had landed directly on top of the wide rooftop of the church.

“Oh, it’s the esteemed Lord of Morata. I shall lead you directly to the Bishop.”

The Paladins were polite and courteous. The effect of Fame applied strongly here as Morata was Weed’s territory and was the base for most of his adventures. Compared to other places far off, the effect of Fame was on another level.   

Weed was escorted by the Paladin to the personal room of the Bishop within the church.

“Thanks to your leadership, Morata is growing daily.”

It was the first time meeting the Bishop.

“Not at all. It’s all thanks to the diligence of the villagers and the upstanding soldiers. I am fortunate by what little I could assist with.”

The humility was all lip service. After wetting his lips, Weed continued.
“I have visited many places as an adventurer that explores the unknown. Through this, I have something to report to the Church of Lugh.”
“Have you come to report a discovery? We welcome such reports. Where did the Lord return from?”

Weed could have reported this discovery at the Lord’s castle. But, to do so, Weed had to pay a compensation. Rather than paying money out of his own pocket, he decided to report the discovery at the Church of Lugh.  

“I have returned from the land of Jigolaths, a land that has not been tread on by any man for long time.”

If he reported this to the Goddess of the Earth, Mine, he could have earned a bit more Contribution Points and Fame. But, through this the Church of Lugh in Morata would become bigger and so will the benefit for the city.

“Jigolaths? I find it difficult to believe that you have returned from a land that is only found in legends and fables.”
“Here, this is the stone I have brought back from Jigolaths.”

Weed brought forth a piece of hardened lava for the Bishop to see. After the Bishop used his Holy Magic to observe the piece, he nodded his head.

“The light of Lugh shines on places on this continent that man has yet to reach. This piece of rock is definitely from Jigolaths. Congratulations on returning successfully from adventuring to the unknown.”

You have reported the discovery of the island, Jigolath to the Church of Lugh.

The Church of Lugh’s primary interest is their sacred duty to bring righteousness to the Continent. While Jigolaths is not a great interest for them, by increasing their enthusiasm for adventure they will reward you handsomely.

Fame increased by 850.    

Your Contribution Points with the Church of Lugh has increased by 192.
You can check your Contribution Points with Churches under the Religion tab.
Total Contribution Points with Church of Lugh: 315.

Weed, as Lord, earned small amount of Contribution with the Church just by having them in Morata. As the population became larger, the number of trained soldiers increased, the monsters in the vicinity subdued, quests completed, Weed earned small amount of Contribution Points. This could be seen as a privilege of the Lord, but the Church of Lugh did not even pay for the land or pay any other taxes.

Even then as the churches provided Public Order, support of their Paladins, change of class and quest, every Lord thought of them to be important.

“And also, there are several other things I have discovered.”

Weed reported everything he discovered on his way to Jigolaths, the Sculptor’s Tower and the dungeons. He increased his Fame and Contribution Points by reporting about the mermaids, monsters and peculiar geographical features.

Faith increased by 9, Courage increased by 6, Strength and Agility increased by 2 each.

There were many other places he visited like Grapass, the Vampire Kingdom of Todeum, the River of Lamentation, but he only reported on Jigolaths. This was because the Church would use the information, dispatching their Paladins and giving quest to other players to reclaim the land.

“There is a new dungeon that appeared near the vicinity of Morata. The Church of Lugh has assessed the situation to be highly dangerous. We are planning to dispatch our Paladins to wipe out most of the monsters and I was wondering if I could have the cooperation of Morata’s soldiers in this operation.”

Use your authority as Lord to command the soldiers to cooperate with the Church of Lugh to raid the dungeon?  
Knights and soldiers will be dispatched and a quest will be created.

“Of course.”

Weed even accepted their appeal. Morata’s soldiers were not properly trained or were on a level to be useful. Through this investment into military power, the soldiers would be re-equipped and raid monsters as well.

“Truthfully, there is a special reason for coming to the Church of Lugh.”

It was time for Weed to expose the most important reason of coming to the Church of Lugh. Weed’s lips trembled with tension. By returning the Sword of Lugh, he knew it will be difficult to find a better sword.

“Here, I have brought evidence of Lugh Church’s virtue and justice.”

From his backpack, Weed pulled out the Sword of Lugh and gave it to the Bishop.

TL Note

Apologies for the late chapter. Second semester is in full swing with tests and a major project to complete. Also it didn’t help that this was the longest chapter I ever translated. On time schedule, I really don’t think I will be able to translate much until after October 4th, when the project is finished. For more info on the project: Shell Eco Marathon South Africa

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Level 1: Class: Newly born newbie
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Perseverance: 1 Charm: 1

  • MT - Membership Training. For more info click: MT

  • Seafood noodle. Not really mistranslated but in English there is one word to describe the various ‘noodle’ dishes in asia. Actual Korean is 해물 칼국수 or seafood kalguksu.
The best way to describe it is taking the pasta, cutting it more thinly and cooking it in a soup base rather than sauce.

  • “Bardray probably had an energizing meal as well.” - In Korean: "밥도 북엇국에 잘 먹었을 거야." which in literal translation is “He must have ate a good meal with dried pollack soup. ”
북엇국 - Dried pollack soup. If you want to try: how to make pollack soup it’s a refreshing soup usually enjoyed at breakfast.

  • The usual Korean cultural titles that can’t be really translated literally.
선배 - Sunbae
Urban dic: A Korean term which means senior or elder. It uses when a female is speaking to an older male than her in professional or scholastic context.
Urban dic: 언니 - Unni
A Korean term that means older/big sister that females call a female relative or a older girl they admire or respect. It is sometimes used as a honorific or to replace a person's name.
Urban dic: 오빠 - Oppa
A respectful Korean term used by females to call older males such as older male friends or older brothers

Though take point, Oppa in the context that is used in this chapter is meant as boyfriend. And yes, it is used like that.

  • On topic of the translation on the Flower Bracelet:
The Roseum and the Anthurium is still alive
Korean: 엑시리움 - phonetically it’s alicium. But I cannot find the equivalent of what it is in English. So it’s guess as: Anthurium? Could also be Alyssum? Or some obscure scientific name.

  • In Royal Road, it was commonly accepted that equipment makes the man.
The equipment makes the man: 장비가 날개 is playing on the idiom 옷이 날개다
literally translated as: Cloth is the wing. Or idiomatic translation: Clothes make the man.

  • On Petrov, the Painters name. In Korean: 페트 which is phonetically: Petu
Not sure if it’s Royal Road or Jawz or whoever started Petrov, but it sounds much better.

  • Cerberus has been mentioned here. Thought it will be interesting to share that it’s written as 켈베로스 - Kerberos greek for Cerberus. Phonetic for Cerberus would be: 서버러스, but most of the times Korean language derive these phonetically from their original source.

  • On point of Jigolaths. I am translating this phonetically from 지골라스. Previous translation wrote this place as Las Phalanx. 지골 can be translated as: Phalanges which is the digit bones and no, it’s not the Greek Phalanx formation as if you see the chinese basis of the letter: 指骨 or more specifically it’s 骨 gol for bone. 라스 - Las does not really mean anything specific.

For me, Las Phalanx feels completely wrong. Google translate also puts 지골 (should be 지골로) as Gigolos, I could be completely wrong but I believe it’s derived from Royal Gigolos which someone translated as 로얄 지골라스 and Google indexed it as such.

  • Going to be changing Art Hall/Center -> Art Gallery from now on.

  • 영주의 성인 흑색 거성 - Lord’s Black Castle. This is surprisingly difficult to translate. If you read it, it’s: Lord’s Castle the Black Giant Star. 거성 is usually used means ‘Giant Star’ like a 적색 거성 - ‘Red Giant’. I think the author used two different words 거(거대한-gigantic)  성(Castle) it might or might not. I will probably need to go to Volume 3 and check when it was first mentioned as it could be that the Lord’s Castle is named as Black Star. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 주민들 - Basically the NPCs, been translated as residents in past volumes. Will change to villagers as it’s more appropriate for fantasy setting. But as a translator I really don’t like how it sounds in most contexts. Villages are usually people who live in villages, putting villagers in context with something large as Serabourg Citadel doesn’t fit. Residents make it sounds they are not NPCs but actual players who live in the city permanently. If I could, I would probably translate 주민 as NPC but the author in some places actually use the term NPC sporadically, differentiating the term slightly.