Monday, 27 July 2015

Is this an update?

Hi. Enlightened End here.

For me, since I started clickyclicktranslation, accuracy and readability was key. I am sure if you followed this blog, from vol 23 -25, the style of translation has changed dramatically. When I started, I believed that word for word translation, keeping everything strictly within context, without missing a word could capture the style of the author.

After 3 volumes, I slowly got to know that this method was impossible. Translation nuances, cultural or otherwise, just skew things up. The tone and the subtext is slightly different, no matter how I tried. Us translators are not creators, we take the original and deliver it to new audiences. Seeing this and the impossibilities of translation nuances, I have decided on a new direction for my translations.

To showcase the best of the material, and hide it's the weakness.

This means that translation will deviate slightly from the source material to adapt to the English speaking audiences. It will still be accurate translation, but it will move away from the strict adherence in faithful recreating word-for-word and will be more idiomatic.

I will be re-translating Vol 26, ch 1-4 but I don't want to waste Ser4's paid translations so here it is:

Vol 26, Ch 1-4

Also this semester is the second South African Shell Eco Marathon.

To those who don't know, I am an engineering student in S.A.
To promote this Green Energy Movement event and my car, for every thousand likes I will post 2 chapters for the week. The facebook page currently at 112 likes. Will continue this until volume 26 is finished.
Team Voltronics
Of course, this is subject to condition. When I have a major test during the week, I can only do 1 chapter.

Here is an excerpt from Vol 26 Chapter 1, it's what I have done for comparison:

1. The Underground Passage

Weed strode into the dungeon as an Ice Troll.

“We just need to exterminate all the monsters in the way.”
The dungeon felt empty without the monsters. One of the reasons he turned into an Ice Troll was, rather than wasting time on thinking, he could use that time productively in beating the monsters to death.

The quest required as many refugees as possible to be led to safety, away from the invasion of Serabourg Citadel by the Embinyu Church. Speed would defined the success or failure of the quest.

The fairies glowed like fireflies, prattling as they followed Weed.  

  • Awesome. He’s so awesome.
  • He’s totally my type. I want to marry him.

Weed equipped his large leather armor he made just in case with his sewing skill.