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Volume 24 Chapter 10

10. The Old Handmaiden’s Request
Sponsored by Ser4, TLC and parts re-translated by Enlightened End, Proofread by bloodadept and FroshiAnaki

Scientists from the Systems Department in Unicorn Corporation were checking up on Royal Road’s status.

“Hermes guild’s strength is really massive.”

The hidden armies of Hermes guild that could be seen on the monitor were far superior to Kallamore Kingdom’s forces.

“I never knew human development would be this fast.”

Scientists were looking at the large central screen. The map of Versailles continent could be seen as a video. Each individual castle and village was marked and it could be zoomed in to see the herd movement of monsters. It was a system that could check the whole continent in real time.

They could even use the Artificial Intelligence System to see any quest that occurred or find the player with the highest achievements. Of course, the scientists could only watch without interfering.

To become the Emperor of Royal Road that would unite the world! There were secrete battles to become the absolute ruler of every races in this virtual reality. By taking control of castles and cities, enormous wealth could be gained. But by becoming the Emperor, astronomical authority and wealth could be acquired.

For this, many players increased their levels and formed their own forces. There were those who excelled and those who experienced innumerable setbacks. Even watching the humans who were spread out in the world of Royal Road was fascinating.

But the crimson dots blinking on the large screen expanded a lot more than last month.

“Don’t you think the Embinyu Church is getting way too big?”

Regardless of central, northern, eastern, western, southern continent, the crimson dots representing Embinyu Church were expanding. They did not know about the players, but the scientists knew they were converting the villagers, nobles, kings and were growing in strength. And especially in the Central Continent the Embinyu church spread faster as it was swept up in chaos by the guild wars.

“It can’t be helped. The players are playing hopscotch with sieges instead of fighting the Embinyu Church.”

“But if they don’t get stopped, it will become really difficult...”

Embinyu Church was historically an evil force that sunk the whole continent into peril. The leader of guilds were picking easy targets nearby like castles and cities rather than fighting the Embinyu Church.
The usual alliance made up of coalitions were becoming increasingly competitive in trying to increase their influence and were rather indifferent to the whole situation.

Thanks to the current situation, the Embinyu Church was spreading like a wildfire and their evil spirits were secretly nurtured. To the scientists, it looked like the whole continent would be covered by the Embinyu Church at this rate.

“We can’t do anything about it. It’s the choice of the players.”

“Even if one of the continents is ruled by the Embinyu Church, it’s Royal Road’s policy to give the player’s free will to do so.”

A Continent of Darkness!
If it was another game, they would have tried to actively stop the Embinyu Church and sound the alarm for the players but Unicorn Corporation had no intentions of doing so. The players had to acquire the information and decide what to do themselves.

Once it became a Continent of Darkness, it will be much more difficult to live but fighting to be free of Embinyu Church’s oppression might become a part of Royal Road as well.

The creator of Versailles Continent, Yoo Byung Jun, was shifting through Royal Road with the Artificial Intelligence System.

“Ultimately, everything will come to an end through the Embinyu Church.”

But the humans still had their chances.
While they were blinded by their own greed and looking the other way, the Embinyu Church grew in strength. As they became bigger, their appearance on the world stage would cause greater havoc.

“There’s nothing to do even if it ends like this.”

There were some players that Yoo Byung Jun kept a special watch on. Adventurer, discoverer, warrior, knight, magician, paladin, priest and a sculptor! They all played separately, but once they developed to a certain point their greed was always the same, pursuing more money and power.

To be honest, Yoo Byung Jun often watched the activity of a character name Weed.

“This guy is different.”

From beginning till the end, it was all about the money. He was a person who valued money as his number one priority and it never changed! He gained the people’s popularity and praise through his exciting and enviable adventures.

“Maybe it’s better this way.”

When Yoo Byung Jun first met Lee Hyun, he had gotten a bad first impression of him because of the fact that he was given 200 Won. In the end, he was short 100 Won so could not get his coco.

“Continue with your quest,  let the jealous people hinder you… Because at this rate you will not be able to accomplish anything.”

But he couldn’t help but admire Weed’s capabilities. Using the Artificial Intelligence System, he watched Weed since his beginning, he was always making a sculpture or hunting. With such perseverance he was able to sculpt Fine, Masterpiece and Magnum Opus pieces.

To say the least, wandering the continent and collecting all 5 secret sculpting legacies was truly impressive.

“Yet, not going to meet the Sculpting Master Zahab or trying to learn the final sculpting skill… Kukuku. Live in the delusion of people’s praises.”

Weed logged on to Royal Road again. Vargo Fortress was shrouded in darkness! Sitting on the leaning tower, he reminded himself of his solitude.

“A death order from Hermes guild….. so they finally decided to kill me once and for all?”

It was impossible for Weed, who was sensitive to information, not to know about this. The death order was Hermes guild’s pride, once on the list, they used any means and methods to kill. They could not even trade with merchants regularly or share quests with other players.

Being active in Haven Kingdom would be impossible and very difficult in the Central continent. The people who wanted to gain Hermes guild’s favor were spread far and wide, on top of that, there was a bounty on his head.  

Until now Weed was not specially recognized as people passed him by, but now every rumor about him would be reported to the Hermes guild and the bounty hunters.

“Doing quests will now become difficult.”

If the information about Weed’s location or his quests became widespread, the assassins and bounty hunters would come to him in droves.

“Well, all quests have their good and bad points.”

He went through many hardships by taking difficult quests.

There were people who just focused on hunting to try and reach a higher level faster. But unlike them, Weed solved quests and was able to obtain items and treasures others couldn’t have. He could also make money through broadcast stations. He could even say that he earned fame and the territory of Morata through the quests.

When he went to the City of Heaven, the quest of finding the sacred artifacts for the Church of Freya, participation in the siege of Fort Odin, building a pyramid and his activity as Orc Karichwi on the Plains of Despair. The memories of his many adventures suddenly popped up in his head.

Weed murmured to himself in a low voice that only he could hear.

“I won’t be able to do quests or hunt properly if I get attacked by others… I am going to get left behind by others. If I can’t earn money as a Dark Gamer, I will have to look for another job.”

Everyone knew about the current, serious unemployment crisis.

“I will find work in a factory with ridiculous income. Becoming exhausted from working 17 hours a day… Be exposed to some toxic chemicals in the factory and get sick. Getting treatment and doing everything possible not to get fired, I will also have to deliver milk and newspapers in the morning. And if I suddenly collapse…”

Weed was already drawing a depressingly grey future!

“But I am still healthy, no matter how painful it is I need to get up again. But because of the illness, I will continue to lose my money. Getting fired suddenly after working 15 years in the company, with a severance package as small as a rat’s tail. Looking for temporary work everyday, then suddenly I would become an old man without even getting married. Our country’s pension fund by then would be in bankruptcy, my whole body would be aching, riddled with sickness. If I die like that, will there be anyone to even prepare a meager funeral for me?”

A future filled to the brim with despair, drawn out from the Hermes guild’s death order!

But Weed still tried to find hope by himself.

“In the worst case scenario, I can collect wastepaper and scrap iron will be nice too. If I don’t have any family to support, I will be able to receive a minimum living cost. And in a truly desperate situations I could sell of one of my kidneys…”

Anyways, from now on, it would become really dangerous to do normal quests or hunt in the northern area, especially outside Morata or Vargo Fortress. Even in Jigolaths, where it was across the sea, he experienced significant interference and even died in the Undead Legion quest. This proved how large the Hermes guild’s influence truly was.

Even if he was accompanied by a large number of Geomchis and companions, if a large army suddenly appeared, it would be difficult to contend with.

“I will have to be really cautious from now on. I won’t be able to do all the quests that might reveal me to others.”

The known quests, like what happened previously and now, as they took a long time to do it was now too dangerous to do them.   

‘Depending on hunts and large quests isn’t the proper way to raise a sculptor but….”

Even though he was a miscellaneous character, his main profession was a sculptor.

Then, suddenly, a memory popped up in Weed’s head. It was a memory that was in the back of his mind for a long time.

“Quest Info Window!”

Continue Zahab’s Legacy
Zahab did not die that day. To test his sculpting skills he went to a faraway continent. After advancing your sculpting skills, search for Zahab, learn his song and sing it to the old handmaiden.  Zahab has last been rumored to have left for the Grapass region.
Difficulty: A
Quest Restriction: Must be cleared before the old handmaiden dies. Quest cannot be cancelled.

It was a quest to search for Zahab! The quest came from the handmaiden from Rosenheim Kingdom, but at that time his level was low and he thought it would take too long to accomplish so he did not start on it. Also one of the main reasons was that he was in a phase where he was very disappointed by the sculpting skill.

Later on, he asked to check if the old handmaiden died by posting on the Rosenheim Kingdom Serabourg Citadel information board and kept on postponing the quest.

‘The quest I received from the old handmaiden a long time ago. If I meet Zahab, learn his song and progress onto the quests related to the final legacies of sculpting skills…’

His sculpting skill remained at Advanced level 8. Mastery was not far off.

“A Sculpting Master and the final sculpting skill!”

As long as Hermes guild exists, he would be chased by them for the rest of his life.

‘Then this quest should be done now….’

The road to mastering the sculpting skills!
In fact, one of the biggest reasons for fighting the Undead Legion was to protect Morata.

Weed fell into deep thought.

“If Hermes guild is as powerful as they say, and they try to interfere with me till the end...”

He was wondering whether he should bow and beg or get on his knees first.

Weed resumed his fight against the Undeads in Vargo Fortress. After Barkhan died, Undead in the Undead Legion were seriously weakened. And by joining forces of the United Army of elves, barbarians, dwarves with the humans, they were able to drive them out.

When the last Undead in Vargo Fortress was killed, a video played in front of Weed’s and the players’ eyes.

Hashilis, who had green skin like a frog, led the Undead toward his Phantom Battleship.

“As Barkhan Demoph-nim disappeared, so I shall return to the sea also.”

Pushing past the mists, the ghost ship disappeared ominously. Balkan’s subordinate Hashilis returned to the sea with the Undead, going back to becoming the ghost admiral of the sea. The unlucky would probably be able to meet Hashilis and trigger quests related to the legends of the ocean.

In the video it gave hints saying that Hashilis left to look for a sunken kingdom in the sea, but Weed just didn’t care about it.

“Now I can get a feeling for things just by looking at them briefly.”

Getting swept up by the quest and suffering through deathly toil, it felt like the quest would lead to storms and reefs.
“Those truly unfortunate would probably take that quest.”

With that, Weed rid himself of his interest in Hashilis. As right now, the United Army of elves, dwarves and barbarians were sojourning in Vargo Fortress. The paladins, priests and necromancers were conversing with them in a blink of an eye.

Only Weed’s companions who were worrying about the Hermes guild’s death order and Geomchi who were too shy to talk to the elves kept their place.

“Be gone. You necromancers who summons the obscene Undead dare to talk to us?”

“I cannot smell any scent of earth or the sound of nature from you. I cannot converse with you.”

“You human who are more worthless than their armor.”

The barbarians, elves and dwarves’ response changed depending on the person talking to them. While they were united when they fought the Undead, but now it was difficult to befriend them since the tribes all had different conditions.

Fame, class, level, skill, equipment, past quest accomplishment, many different variables influenced it. While humans were always favorable to the priests, the dwarves, barbarians and elves who believed in other gods saw them as a burden.

“Huk, the elves are really pretty.”

Geomchi199 got close to Weed and said loud enough for him to hear.

Unlike the short and dark skinned dark elves, the wood elves had golden hair with slim bodies and were considerably beautiful. With a single bow on each of their shoulders, they wore light outfits without armor.

Their response changed depending on who talked to them but to their allies, they shared quests and had favorable impression toward them. So Geomchi199 was hoping for Weed to talk to them first.

Weed approached the closest elf to him.

“The blessings of nature are with you. You are the human that returned nature’s growth in the North.”

  • Fame increased by 34.

  • Affinity to Nature increased by 25.

  • Amity with the Woodland Elves rose to 17.

Even elves living in the woodlands were able to recognize Weed’s fame. Through hunting Balkan, not only did the NPCs like the elves, dwarves and barbarians, but many players admiring Weed appeared. The influence of each broadcasting station competitively trying to create a hero and calling him the War God was large.

“I am a human, but I am also an adventurer that respects the life and richness that is nature. I only did a small task that I thought was necessary without any hesitation.”

“With your help, many elves in the North are really grateful. And with the co-operation from the humans, we were able to return the Undead back to the earth.”

  • Amity with the Woodland Elves rose to 25.

Weed had a honeyed tongue and the elves were a naive race that believed people readily.

“It was truly by chance that I heard the news about the Queen of Fairies being threatened by Balkan while I was on an adventure. As an adventurer that takes the responsibility of protecting the justice in Versailles continent, how could I have not come and fought?”

“You are an admirable human adventurer. If only all humans were like Weed-nim, then we would be in peace.”

He also met with the barbarians and dwarves, hearing stories and getting information from them.

“Hunting grounds? I think you are already famous as a warrior but you still want to get stronger? There are many places near here that one needs to go through to become a strong warrior. But still, don’t go behind Ogot hill. It’s a dungeon you cannot just enter casually.”

“It makes me want to fight more. If the monsters are strong, then I can just get rid of them.”

“You have a very good mindset. But your vigilance against the monsters must not waiver. Monsters will invade this place often so you should first rebuild the castle walls.”

  • Fame increased by 21.

  • Intimacy with the Barbarians of the wasteland increased.

“Fruits in the forest? They are very sweet and delicious. Elves do not eat a lot of them so if you want them, we could trade for the items we need.”

“If you can tell me the items the elves need I will look into it. Making alcohol with the fruits from the elven forest… I mean, I want to allow the little children to eat some of it.”

He also obtained information about trades. Because Weed was not a professional merchant, he did not wander around to trade but knowing it would allow him to profit from it someday so he permanently memorized it.

“This fortress was very much favored by the dwarves, but now it’s occupied by the humans. Why were the dwarves envious about the place the Undead lived? Keep it to yourself. You must not tell anyone I told you this. A long time ago this place was flourishing with high quality iron and silver mines.”

“Iron and silver mines, digging up resources would bring in money! The property price for Vargo Fortress would rise exponentially… I mean, if there are ores the dwarves need then it should be mined.”

  • Intimacy with the Dwarven tribe of Hardened Earth increased.

Weed gained favorable impression by the dwarves after he told them he was mastering his blacksmith skill above the intermediate level and they clamoured him to make something together. If he accept their proposition, it would be a valuable opportunity to cooperate with the dwarves in making swords and armor. It would also help increase his mastery in blacksmith skill.

Weed believed that pretense and hypocrisy were essential to survive in society! He believed that if all primary and high schools taught this in their ethics class, the country’s competitiveness will dominate the other developed nations.

The specific elves, dwarves and barbarians Weed talked with, the Geomchis and other companions were able to easily approach them and start a conversation afterwards. They saw the people coming with Weed favorably and thanks to that they could share conversations more comfortably. This was why adventurers, who compared to warriors lacked combat strength, received such special treatment.

Then Weed went onto meet the leader of the elves, Lonserk. To other players, he only gave a cordial greetings without any special response, but he started a conversation with Weed.

“You are the human that played an important role in defeating Balkan.”

“It was what I had to do. It brings me great joy to know that this brought peace to Versailles continent ”

“The Queen of Fairies, Teneidon would like to meet the human that helped her. Could you come with me?”

Lonserk gave him an offer. The Queen of Fairies was a high position that commanded the race.  

Weed glanced around quickly and saw that Geomchis, Pale, Irene, those who have known him for a long time, along with the priests and the paladins, had their eyes wide in excitement as they eavesdropped. That one race, and to meet the queen of the race that was difficult to meet had even Weed excited by the prospect.

Truthfully, the only reason that Weed could even meet the Queen of Fairies once was due to hunting Balkan.

“Am I the only one going?”

“The Queen of Fairies, Teneidon has invited everyone.”

Shouts popped out from players!


“Are we really going to see the Fairy Queen? It’s unbelievable.”

“It’s good thing that we fought Balkan.”

“Weed-nim asked if we could come along.”

Besides treasures that they obtained after hunting Balkan, they could receive a reward from the Fairy Queen as well. Weed decided to accept the invitation from the Fairy Queen.

“When can we go?”

“You can go right now.”

“I would like to see my reward… I mean, I would like to see with my own eyes if the Queen of the Fairies is safe, so let’s go now.”

Weed, Geomchis and other players were guided by the elves and the dwarves.

“Please follow us.”

Following on the forest path, they could see female elves staring at them from behind the trees and bushes.

“I never knew a place like this even existed.”

“I should have came here to meet the elves a long time ago.”

Geomchis whispered to themselves, trying not to betray their masculine pride. But the elves had sharp ears which could even hear the slight rustling of the winds.

“Those humans seem to be interested in us.”

“They are not our types”

“They look idiotic.”

To receive an elf’s love, they need to be of a similar nature such as a ranger or a mage rather than a warrior. As their race did not see the humans favorably, there was a limitation on how much intimacy the humans could stack. Even the elves’ village, which was close by, had a limited access that only allowed the merchants to enter.

They passed the forest and climbed up a mountain. From this point on it was the dwarves’ territory. It was a place where small houses and braziers were seen and hammering sounds were heard.

Each dwarf village had a different technology or specialty so Weed was curious about their skill, but for now he entered the dungeon nearby.

Dungeon, you are the first discoverer of, ‘The Resting Place of Teneidon’.
Privileges: Fame increase by 890.
Double experience and item drop rate for one week.
Very first monster type you hunt will drop a best item it can possibly drop.
Even though it was called a dungeon, there were only little fairies flying around. As they couldn’t hunt the fairies, the effect of double experience was useless.

“Be careful. There are many traps in here. If you go in the wrong direction, you will wander endlessly or end up someplace else on the continent.”

With the warning from elves, the players suppressed their curiosity and kept following. The fairies had abilities that allow them to ignore the landmass and leap through space. Because of that, through the slightest of slips, the person could end up in the middle of the desert or in a den of hungry monsters.

They followed the elves resignedly and finally arrived at the queen’s resting place. It was by the root of a large tree. The small body of Fairy Queen Teneidon was perched on the root, resting.

─ Welcome, humans.

The Fairy Queen Teneidon’s voice was tiny so they had to strain their ears to hear. The queen was badly injured with one of her wing torn. By receiving the life force from the tree, she was recovering little by little but it was barely enough to keep the injury from deteriorating.

“I am known as Weed.”

Weed showed proper decorum as he knelt on one knee. He had enough qualification as lord of Morata and being a noble to hold a conversation with her. With his fame right now, he could meet anyone he wants.

─ You are the human that helped me. I’ve heard about your achievements through my fairies.

You are conversing with the Queen of Fairies, Teneidon.
Due to the feeling of reverence, some stats has risen.
Elegance, dignity, honor and art.  

There was small tremor on her torn wing as Teneidon spoke. She looked like she was in agony. An unexpected thought suddenly past by Weed in his head.
‘Her injuries seem severe, could the priests heal it?’

As long as it was not an Undead, the power of healing magic could be applied to any race or to those who believed in different god. And because fairies were very kind natured, Weed never heard of any adverse effect of holy power on the fairies. Also in the history of Versailles continent, the stories of heroic figure travelling with fairies were mentioned.

“Your injuries seem severe…. My companion is a priest so I think she can cure you. What do you think Queen Teneidon?”

As Weed asked courteously Teneidon and the fairies that suddenly appeared, were very happy.

─ Thank you. Thank you.
─ With the human’s help, our queen will be able to heal faster.
─ Human healing spells. They cure injuries quickly and feel warm.

Playfully glowing like fireflies, the fairies covered Weed’s whole body. Some shifted through his hair, some sat on his shoulder and one of them even clung on to his nose. Fairies liked to play tricks on people they developed intimacy with. Because he defeated Balkan, the Undead Legion and offered to cure their queen, he obtained the maximum intimacy with the fairies.

─ If you can help me, I will be really thankful.

Teneidon gave her permission.

“Irene, please come over here.”

Irene, who was observing from behind the crowded players pushing to see what was happening, slowly walked forward to avoid colliding into any playful fairies.

“Could you try healing the queen.”

“Huh? Can I do that? Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Fairies gave their permission so there won’t be any problem. Try casting simple healing spells first.”

Irene took a moment to breath deeply, performed the signum crucis and then casted a holy spell.

“Power of the holy spirit, grant salvation unto the one in suffering. Healing Hand!”

It was a simple holy spell but it refilled health quickly.

Fairy Queen Teneidon’s health has recovered by 735.
The injuries have soothed a bit.

Irene’s holy spell was successful. By healing the Queen of Fairies, her experience and skill mastery increased. Although Teneidon was not in any shape to fly, she was an amazing figure that even appeared in history books. By helping her, Irene’s fame increased as well.

“Wow, the healing spell works. And I even earned experience points!”

Irene was deeply gratified by the fact that she could heal Teneidon.

“Please keep healing her.”

From Weed’s direction, Irene used all the mana she had to heal Teneidon. Irene was a priest that dedicated herself to learning only healing type magic.

Through this sacred act, your faith increased. You have become righteous.
By healing the Queen of Fairies, you have experienced a special event related to the cleric class.

Your relationship with fairies has become friendly.
To them, you are remembered as a human who has provided a great assistance.

There was no greater and more precious time as a priest than healing Teneidon right this moment.

“Weed-nim, my mana ran out.”

The extent of Teneidon’s injury was unknown but she was still severely injured even if Irene used her healing spell until her mana ran out. Since the beginning her injury looked serious, though her body was small her health was enormous.

“The other priests, please try healing as well.”

As soon as Weed finished speaking, the priests immediately chanted their healing spells. They were quite envious of the Irene who was healing Teneidon before them.

“Healing Hands”
“Round Heal!”
“Complete Recovery”

It was literally a great festival of healing. From low-class holy spells to advanced healing spells that can be only used three times per day, were used on Teneidon. Because even paladins were also able to chant healing spells, they helped as well.

Teneidon’s health is at 43%.
A concentrated healing is progressing.

It could only be described as solemn but sublime light of healing that was focused on Teneidon. The priests without ceasing, cast holy spells as soon as their mana was refilled. They received special experience, faith, skill mastery and contribution to the fairies.

“More experience points are getting stacked than when I was fighting.”

“Look at that contribution and skill mastery going up.”

“Faith is going up slowly but surely. So far, I have gained more than when I was promoted one step higher as a priest.”

Weed was getting cramps in his belly. It was because the interlinked web of connection between the Undead Legion, the priests and Teneidon.

‘Churches in Versailles continent would have desperately tried to stop the Undead Legion from becoming active again..’

It was the same for Weed. As Balkan looked to regain his strength and showed signs of invading Morata, he tried to hurriedly put out the fire by fighting. But if he did not fight, the news of the United Army of elves, dwarves and barbarians fighting to keep Balkan and the Undead Legion from draining Teneidon’s life would have spread widely.

If so, it was certain that a quest to defeat Balkan would have been created.

With each church and kingdom putting this as their central focus, they would have promised a great reward to come fight in Vargo Fortress instead of just hunting like Weed. If the situation devolved till then, hunting Balkan would have been much more difficult, but they might have had a chance as each kingdom might have sent their royal knights to fight together.

After defeating Balkan and his Undead Legion, receiving a great reward and being able to meet Teneidon. It could have been a story about priests helping Teneidon recuperate while playing an influential role and gaining huge profits!

‘It’s totally possible.’

But what happened was Weed mainly fighting the battle, but the ‘might have been’ quest to kill Balkan might have needed paladins and priests to form the core. Even now, Weed’s stomach was aching as he looked on at the scene of priests and paladins healing Teneidon and receiving many rewards.

It was harder to endure than suffering from acute appendicitis, the pain that poked his sides!

Weed took out a bandage. He wanted to use his Bandaging skill but he had to refrain himself from doing that. The bandage was big enough to suffocate the Fairy Queen.

Even with the full concentration of holy spells from the priests, Teneidon was not able to restore her full form. Her bodily injuries were healed but the torn wing did not restore itself.

─ Thank you, humans.

Teneidon’s voice was clear now so everybody could hear. The fairies clung to the priests and even tickled their nose. They were playful as they were happy to see their queen in better condition. The priests and paladins who participated in healing were now friends of the fairies and could press for special privileges.

Weed approached Teneidon and spoke.

“I am relieved to see human healing worked, your highness.”

Weed tried to discretely share in the achievements of the priests and paladins.

─ I will not forget the kindness the humans have shown.

  • Contribution to Teneidon and the Fairy race increased by 164.

As an evil grin almost appeared on Weed, he heard the other priests talking.

“My contribution increased by more than 600.”
“Mine is over 800.”

Weed’s expression became stiff again. His stomach twisting and turning with pain! It was more comfortable to be criticized by others than this.

“You think we can get items with the contribution?”

“Can’t the fairies give spirit weapons or something similar?”

“Well, I do need a necklace…”

“With this much contribution, I can make a fairy friend. I heard having a fairy around in a hunt helps a lot.”

These comments stabbed Weed’s aching heart with a sharp drill!

The pain he experienced in battle when his health was lower than 100 to increase his resilience felt way less painful. However, Weed continued to speak to Teneidon as the representative of the humans.

“But your highness, your wing didn’t seem to have recovered.”

─ That is because I am cursed. To repair my wing, I need to go to the Red Reed Forest and bring a certain object.

As he heard Teneidon’s words, the smell of quest waffed thickly in the air.

Weed thought to himself.

‘Even if it kills me, I must never do this quest.’

With the continuation from Balkan, Teneidon’s position, Weed’s level and fame it was most likely he could receive this quest. No matter what hardship it would be, the chance of it being another impossible quest was high.

By struggling through near death hardship, there would only be some benefits if it was successful. But expending the effort only to die was sheer mockery!

─ Humans, I have a great debt to you and already I dare to ask another difficult favor. I do not know if you could help me a little further.

  • Due to Fairy Queen Teneidon’s curiosity, she entered the dragon territory. And while playing to her heart’s content on the dragon Latuas’ territory, one of her wing was cursed without her knowing.

The curse of the dragon.

Latuas appeared before the Fairy Queen that insulted his dignity and spoke.  

“A queen who likes to play tricks… I do not like intruders. If you want to free yourself from my curse, bring me the keepsake of the dragon that disappeared in anguish.”

Just as Weed predicted, it was a death quest related to dragons.


Curse of the Dragon
To heal the Fairy Queen Teneidon’s wing, you need to appease Latuas’s fury. Fairies ran about gathering clues and found the first step in the Red Reed Forest.
Difficulty: C
Quest Restriction:
Only those who are trustworthy.
Only those who helped the fairies.

‘Difficulty of C. But this will lead to unbelievable chain quests and it will be difficult to cope with later on. Even this scene will be known through broadcasts on the internet and TV.’

Weed finished his internal calculations.

Usually if he thought he could not manage a quest, he did not accept it in the first place. But there was the adverse effect of souring his relationship with the fairies by rejecting the quest.

In the battle against Balkan, he didn’t bring any Sculpture Lifeforms because of Undead Summon. It could be said it was because of his affection for them. He did not want to see his Sculpture Lifeforms reviving as Undead and fighting against him.

In the worst case scenario of accepting this quest, he could find himself and all his Sculpture Lifeforms being slaughtered. It was common sense to never accept such a quest and he did not have any heart to.

“Will he accept the quest?”

“It’s Weed-nim the War God.”

“This will leave another record of Weed-nim amazing quests.”

The sound of envy could be heard from other players.

‘But on the other hand, those numerous people who are after me will know about me taking this quest. If I take the quest for now, I won’t be interrupted and will be able to take care of other things.’

Weed nodded his head.

“I will definitely cure the Fairy Queen’s wing.”

  • You have accepted the quest.

“Wow, he really accepted the quest!”

“Weed decided to carry out the request from the Fairy Queen!”
“My word! I can see the message boards going crazy already.”

It was obvious these players were surprised. They had no idea what Weed’s true intention was.

‘There is no time limit to the quest anyways so maybe I should try it next year? No, it will still be  dangerous then. I might just roll myself off the cliff. Maybe the year after? Or maybe after my sister has graduated from university…”