Saturday, 2 May 2015

Concerning Volume 24 chapters 1-4

I don't usually do these meandering post as I believe this blog's posts should only be populated by chapter update but volume 24 chapters 1-4 is a unique situation.

Our first plan was TLC and proofread the chapters, but as I started doing it I realized how much interpretation was done by Royal Road. For me who want to keep the translation as accurately as possible, this was unacceptable.

Don't get me wrong, they did an awesome job with the translation but some contexts are out of line. If I were to publish these chapters, for me the only way to go is re-translate them. I don't believe this will benefit many and frankly its good enough for most people.

To read them go here:
Chapter 1-4

While I am posting this let me clear up other common questions.

Where are the other Volume * Chapter *
If it is not published here, Jawz, and host of other LMS translators than your next best luck is machine translation.

Where are the other Volume * Chapter * coming out
As soon as it gets done. Try checking the progress bar or this link.

Why is volume 24 taking too long? Aren't you just editing? 
If it was simple grammar edits, than yes. But currently I am
check the translations line-by-line with the raw.
Most chapters are credited 'sponsored by Ser4', his paid for
translations are okay but I increase the accuracy.
Most chapter's word counts increase by 400-1000 after
I am finished with the translation check.

Can I edit the work, you know to speed it up?
Right now, no we are not looking for more people. Lastear from Japtem is on it.
I know there are typos, grammar error and annoying spelling mistakes
but there are too many people asking just to read ahead.

Stay Classy!
Enlightened End