Chapter 1: Low Class Skeleton
Chapter 2: Sword Master Ash
Chapter 3: Kapua's Ghost
Chapter 4: Uncollapsible Sand Castle
Chapter 5: Canyon of the Death Knight
Chapter 6: Furgol Fortress
Chapter 7: Song of the Death Knight
Chapter 8: Great Disaster Nature Sculpting
Chapter 9: Hermes Guild's Assault
Chapter 10: Great King Avannah

Volume 24
First 4 chapters done by Royal Road:
Chapter 1: Doom Knight Rebellion Plan (Royal Road)
Chapter 2: The Clash with the Hermes Guild (Royal Road)
Chapter 3: An Estimate More Terrifying Than Life (Royal Road)
Chapter 4: Helium Sculpture (Royal Road)

Clicky Click Translations:
Chapter 5: Turn Undead
Chapter 6: Three Bone Dragons
Chapter 7: Calling the Storm
Chapter 8: Master of Vargo Fortress
Chapter 9: Snowfall on Christmas Night
Chapter 10: The Old Handmaiden's Request
Chapter 11: Weed's Call

Volume 25
Chapter 1: Bardray's Ascension 
Chapter 2: Grapass
Chapter 3: Zahab's Artworks
Chapter 4: The Sculptures Zahab Wants To Leave Behind
Chapter 5: Secret Sword Skill
Chapter 6: Radiant Sword left behind the Sculptures
Chapter 7: The Old Handmaiden of Rosenheim Kingdom
Chapter 8: Diary of Queen Evane
Chapter 9: Embinyu Church Invasion 
Chapter 10: Escape from Serabourg Citadel

Volume 26

Title name subject to change
Chapter 1: The Underground Passage
Chapter 2: Refugees of Serabourg Citadel
Chapter 3: Weed's Decision
Chapter 4: Flood and the Sphinx
Chapter 5: Church of Lugh
Chapter 6: The Genesis of Sculpting
Chapter 7: The History of Four Races
Chapter 8: The Location of Ratzeburg
Chapter 9: Discovery of the First City
Chapter 10: Glory of the Orc Tribe
Chapter 11: History of the Orcs