Monday, 20 February 2017


Link to EP.35: To Hall Plain (1/4)
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Translator's Note:
With this new post vs page thing, it gives more space to put things and as the author started putting interesting postscripts starting from 35, I thought why not.

====== Postscript =========
Hello. Royujin here. Umumu… There are many people who want me to upload one after another. As a person who posts every day, I do apologise… so today I decided to post a longer chapter. I sincerely apologise for my failure to meet your expectation. (__)

And… I did say they were going to spend 3 months in the Beginner Academy but I won’t drag this on. I shall do my best to limit the story from stretching on. (I shall finish the Beginner Academy In one arc, or if long, two arcs)