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Volume 25 Chapter 7

7. Old Handmaiden of Rosenheim Kingdom
Translated by Enlightened End, Proofread by: Lastear, BloodAdapt, FroshiAnaki, MrBaconator, Adoxo

Hwaryeong came online and the Dark Gamers joined in as Weed gathered the Sculpture Lifeforms to continue hunting.

“This is the dungeon I frequented with Zahab-nim.”

The Dark Gamers hesitated in front of the Geithner Dungeon entrance. Zahab, alone, had brought enormous firepower, using his sword he blocked the enemy’s assault and attacked with significant force. With him gone, the whole group’s fighting potential had substantially declined.

“It’s okay to enter.”

After Weed and Seo Yoon entered first, Hwaryeong followed after them.

“Weed-nim must have some idea of what to do.”

The Dark Gamers briefly discussed it amongst themselves.

“Will it be alright to enter the dungeon? Considering his character until now, he does not seem to be a deceitful person.”
“I think so too. The War God Weed wouldn’t die so carelessly while hunting.”
“Even without Zahab I don’t think this place will be so dangerous that we will get annihilated. Shall we go?”

For Dark Gamers, their bodies were their income so they took great care of them.

“It’s meaningless to abandon them and return to the city like this. I have never once left a hunt so treacherously.”
“I am going to enter.”

Volk and Daerin entered the dungeon first and the rest of the Dark Gamers followed.

Weed used his sword skill against the flying monster Pekoils.

“Radiant Sword!”

A sword skill that made light gush out from Weed’s body! The light birds with a rapturous beauty flew toward the Pekoils. Seo Yoon also used the secret sword skill and attacked with light swords.

“Where did they get this skill… I’ve never heard of such a technique.”

The Dark Gamers’ eyes popped out. They had experienced all sorts of battles but this was the first time they had seen such technique.

“Radiant Sword!”

Whenever Weed used his skill, the Dark Gamers observed it closely, even in the middle of their battle.

‘Hm, it’s strong.’
‘The lights split into several strands and slaughtered the monsters. It was really cool.’
The difficult hunt they expected against the Pekoils was made possible with Weed and Seo Yoon using their sword skill.

It was a secret sword skill that used an unbelievable amount of mana and stamina but the monsters here were exceptionally strong so they had no choice but to use it. They could earn plenty of drops and a lot of experience points by beating these monsters. It was life or death difficulty hunting, but, with the mystical light shining inside the dungeon, it was also beautiful.

Weed and Seo Yoon used their Radiant Sword to reduce the monsters health and then finished them off at close range.


Real time: 4 o'clock early in the morning.

Weed had connected earlier compared to his usual routine because there was no need to go to the market and he planned for a simple fried rice for breakfast. But it would be awkward to hunt with just the Sculpture Lifeforms so he planned to rest while making sculptures.  

“It’s master.”
Yellowy, who was slumped and sleeping gave off a yawn. Unlike Van Hawk and Torido, the Sculpture Lifeforms needed sufficient sleep.  
“It’s alright. Here, eat all you want.”
Weed gave some boiled fodder and sat.

He was in deep thought, wondering what kind of sculptures he had to make to become a Master Sculptor.
‘Sculpting takes a whole room… Should I scrape together all my money and try making a proper, expensive, and fancy sculpture?’

With his authority as the Lord of Morata and Vargo Fortress, he could withdraw the taxes and make a gigantic sculpture made out of precious metal. Of course there was no guarantee a good sculpture would be created by throwing money at it, but using good materials did produce results.

Hwaryeong logged in while Weed was taking out materials for sculpting. She wanted quality time for just the two of them so she planned to connect early in the morning and wait. Fortunately for her, Weed was already here. Hwaryeong laughed softly that her dimples could be seen.

‘Nothing can withstand fate.’

From far away, the howling of a wolf could be heard.

“Ah, why is today so scary? ”

Hwaryeong jumped closed to Weed. She, who could hunt over 5,000 wolves simultaneously pretended to be weak and took the chance to move closer so she could get a clearer look at Weed’s sculpting.

Weed’s eye quickly glanced over her body. Hwaryeong, who had experienced countless gazes from men, did not miss it.  
‘Weed-nim is still a man.’
She became happy after seeing Weed’s pupils becoming large.

‘She’s wearing a different dress again today.’
The price of the jewel dress was no less than seventy thousand gold! Not only that, she matched it with boots, necklace, and bracelets. Looking at the items Hwaryeong was wearing, Weed was extremely envious.

‘She really has a lot of expensive clothes.’
‘He’s infatuated with my body.’

Hwaryeong felt that something was amiss.
‘I haven’t put a lot of effort into my make up today… should I have worn a less appealing and more revealing dress? No, Weed-nim would prefer a more pure look.’
As a Dancer, rather than a tight dress with a lot of options, if it felt good it was alright. She still had the dress from back when she was a novice and had separate bags for clothes and accessories.

“Um, I want to try a new dress I bought. Can you check it out for me?”

Weed had no reason to refuse Hwaryeong for saying she was going to wear her own clothing.


After 30 minutes Hwaryeong felt the complete, pure glamour had returned. She gave off a pure look with her long hair and white, one piece dress.

“How is this?”
“It’s pretty, it draws attention naturally.”

After a short while, she changed into a different dress. Showing off a lively female traveler!

“What about this outfit?”
“It looks comfortable and beautiful.”

Hwaryeong continued to change her dress and showed off to Weed.

“The bag is quite fashionable. It looks like it used premium leather.”

Weed also made sculptures of her. Spending quality time together, Hwaryeong asked.

“Do you like the mountains?”
“Mountains? Well, I don’t dislike them.”

It wasn’t like Weed lived in the mountain town for a day or two, there was nothing to like or hate.

“My birthday is in spring, when the weather is good do you want to go hiking together?”

Hwaryeong bravely asked for a date. If they met up in reality, it would be difficult to avoid a scandal.  But she wanted to be with Weed in reality as well. It would be especially great if they could go to the mountain where she felt freedom and comfort.

“If it’s your birthday, then okay.”

In a party, Hwaryeong put Weed first and always tried to be of help to him.

“Yes. Well, let’s buy some pajeon and makgeolli and go have some fun.”


Hunting with Seo Yoon, Dark Gamers and Sculpture Lifeforms was productive, but every night a loud cry could be heard from someplace. Every time this happened, a flock of birds flew off from the forest and the tribes living in Grapass moved their habitats.

“Master, this place looks dangerous.”

Bingryong sensed something was off.

‘That might be the boss monster of Grapass.’

In Jigolaths he suffered all kinds of toil and wrapped it up killing Kubicha, the Great Warrior of Chaos, by playing both sides. Weed set himself a rule to avoid such a situation and so when he reached level 406, he decided to leave the Grapass region. While it was regretful that he could not continue to hunt ceaselessly, meeting Zahab and surviving the forbidden region was still a great success.  

“For now I need to send off the items to Morata.”

Weed instructed the Wyverns to carry the sculptures to the lord’s manor in Morata.
“Keewk. Kaawak.”
“Don’t try to fly off to eat something, this needs to go immediately to the lord’s manor.”
“Kakakaw. As master commands, I won’t eat any fish and go straight away.”
“If I see any bones between your teeth, you're dead.”
“I will go straight to Morata.”

He appointed Bingryong and Phoenix to support the Wyverns while they were moving. With this many Sculpture Lifeforms, they should not encounter any trouble on their way to Morata. And it was a given that they had to handle the cargo preciously as it was the sculptures containing the secret sword skill.

The Dark Gamers and Hwaryeong agreed to meet in Morata later on.
“Then let’s meet again later. Please contact me when you come back!”
“Yes. Hwaryeong-nim please go safely.”

They decided to ride on the Wyverns who were bereft of any load. While it was obvious Hwaryeong would return to Morata where the rest of her party was, it came as a great surprise that the Dark Gamers would abandon Brent Kingdom, their original gathering point.

‘That sword skill, it looks formidable.’
‘It’s truly magnificent. It would be a great help when fighting against monsters and our opponent will be confounded when they see it for the first time.’

Whenever Weed and Seo Yoon used the Radiant Sword, the Dark Gamers’ eyes became covetous. Of all the sword skill they knew, it was a technique that was not known at all!

‘They said Zahab was a Sword Master so they must have learnt it from him.’
‘There is a high chance it’s one of the secret sword skills.’

The Dark Gamers became overly friendly.

“I am out of bandages.”
“Weed-nim, here use these bandages.”
“This is a bandage set I have never used before, please have it.”
“I also don’t have any arrows left.”
“Here, please take my quiver. It’s an enchanted quiver so it can store up to five hundred arrows. Please don’t feel any obligations and use it as you will. You don’t have to return it.  ”

When Weed spoke of his needs, they offered it to him immediately. It was because they had hope that maybe, Weed would teach them the secret sword skill. Of course, due to Weed’s greed he wanted to keep Zahab’s secret sword skill to himself.

The sculptures he made, that allowed the secret sword skill to be grasped, were a treasure that he was only going to allow the Geomchis to know of. No matter who else asked, he could not expose the secret sword skill to anyone. But the possibility of someone else appearing, knowing the Radiant Sword was high as Zahab was out in the world. When that time came, he could bargain a good deal with the Dark Gamers.

In the case of Seo Yoon, she said she had something to do in Rosenheim Kingdom and decided to go with Weed. It was time for Wy-Three to lift his heavy buttocks to fly, so he was tottering unsteadily as he got into position.

“I am going to go with you.”

Wy-Three prostrated while crying. And so Weed, Seo Yoon and Wy-Three flew toward Rosenheim Kingdom.

“Wy-Three, should I make you a set of clothes?“

The third Wyvern, Wy-Three’s beak stretched to the breaking point as he nodded his head.
‘The master puts me under a lot of hardship but I am the one he takes care of the most.’

“I will make it out of thick fabric as the weather is cold.”
“Master, I am grateful that you even considered making me cloth.”
“I found your back cold and hard while riding on it for a long time. At least it should have a cosy blanket on top. Ah, I should make pillows as well.”
Wy-Three was getting concerned that if there was sufficient space on his back, he would be forced to fly while carrying tables and chairs!

While flying to Rosenheim Kingdom, Weed made moonlight sculptures. Seo Yoon’s hair fluttered in the wind while she watched him work. There were moments when men who were absorbed in their work were attractive.

But Seo Yoon was as beautiful as a goddess even when she was absentminded. She was sitting there with the stars and the moon shining high in the sky as her background. Her hair fluttering in the wind. Whenever Weed used the moonlight sculpting skill, it even added unnecessary light effects. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it transformed her already beautiful face into a precious treasure!

“As I explore the breadth and depth of sculpting I feel as if it has endless potential.”

While Weed used his sculpting knife, he was deeply moved by the originality of Zahab’s sculptures.
“The world where sculptures can be sold expensively is coming.”
For sculptors it was a future where they truly could not hope for more. If they could eat and live on sculptures, if they could hang all their hopes and dreams on their path as sculptors, it would be true happiness.


Rosenheim Kingdom!
Compared to the past when Weed started, there were many changes. High-end stores were established and the general attire of the beginners was of high quality.

“Rosenheim Kingdom has grown quite big.”

Weed and Seo Yoon, riding on the Wyvern, landed on the mountain some distance away and walked the rest of the distance to the kingdom’s capital, Serabourg Citadel.

There were even some merchants and adventurers passing by that could recognize Weed.
“I am back in my true hometown. ”

The time he sold off a considerable amount of sheep sculptures and the equally enormous number of victims who bought his pieces at exorbitant prices. And the players who suffered carrying heavy boulders for the sake of building the pyramid! If he looked back and recalled the good memories, they were a very welcoming people.

Weed and Seo Yoon hurried their pace.
“There is so much I have to do in the city.”

The item drops from Grapass filled four bags to the brim. He had to dispose of the needless items and meet up with the old handmaiden.

“Finally, I get to sing that song.”

Seo Yoon had a somewhat worried look on her face. The reason she had such a look was that she had heard Weed practising that song. Compared to Zahab’s euphonious, dulcet voice Weed’s talent was a thousand light years away! It was an odd sound like a rooster crowing timidly in the morning.

‘Will it be alright? I hope nothing bad happens.’
Seo Yoon worriedly followed after him.

Weed had just entered the castle gate of Serabourg and was about to go to the Square when the knights and soldiers guarding Rosenheim Kingdom’s gates came and surrounded him. The players nearby started pointing fingers and became rowdy.

“Ara, what’s happening with that guy?”
“Did he commit some crime and is trying to come back into the city?”
“Alright. There’s finally something to see. He’s going to be beaten to death by the soldiers.”
“Looking at his equipment, he's not a complete novice but could he stand up to the soldiers?”
“So what. Then he would become a public enemy of the Rosenheim Kingdom and they will dispatch the army to kill him.”

Weed felt the situation was completely unfair.
“What crime did I commit...”

He could only recall a miniscule evil he committed recently.
‘There is only the small amount of time I played as Undead, conspired with pirates and fought Hermes guild’s Polon with the Undead Legion but...’
They were actions that reduced reputation. But if he wanted to work and eat, this much was necessary!

The knights and soldiers did not draw their weapon and threaten Weed, rather they raised their hands to their chests and greeted him respectfully.
“Welcome travelers.”

The players who were expecting an enjoyable spectacle were perplexed by the soldiers actions.
“I have been doing business here for over 2 years and it’s the first time seeing the soldiers acting like that. Even the knights are bowing their heads!”
“Who is that person?”
“Do you think rankers from the central continent came here to play? But seeing the response from the soldiers their fame must be...”

The gazes of people coming and going from the castle gates were on Weed and Seo Yoon. Weed tried to ignore them and enter but at that moment the knight spoke.

“His majesty wanted to welcome the travelers and directed me to lead them to the castle.”

The effect of fame and achievements! He could meet any kings in the Versailles continent, but seeing as Rosenheim Kingdom was the region Weed started in,  the treatment he received was vastly different. If he stayed behind and remained active in Serabourg Citadel, it was possible that Rosenheim Kingdom would experience tremendous development.

“There is work I have to do to keep the peace on the continent. Meeting his majesty, who rules over Rosenheim Kingdom is a great honor even for me. But there is an urgent matter I have to attend to so I must pay my respects later.”

He had dragged on the quest from the old handmaiden for so long that he wanted to do resolve it as quickly as possible. He could always meet the king of Rosenheim Kingdom later.

“Well if it's like that then there is nothing we can do. His majesty will be waiting so please attend his audience.”
“I shall do so.”

Weed and Seo Yoon under the gaze of many players entered Serabourg Citadel.


“I am buying and selling items. I do procurement or resale.”
“I can make any equipment you need.”
“Before you go to hunt please check your necessities. I sell them here.”

Weed decided to head to the Square and take care of his bags. An unusually obese man with a parked carriage was waiting there.

“Are you perhaps Weed-nim?”
“Yes, you are right.”

It was the merchant waiting there after being contacted by Mapan. He was ‘Gimme The Money’ an up and coming trader in Rosenheim Kingdom known for his refusals.

“Did you bring the items?”
“Money first.”
“Here. I am being uselessly cautious but these definitely are the goods?”
“Check for yourself.”
If people who did not know the situation listened in on Weed and Gimme The Money, they might have mistaken it for illicit dealing.

“These are definitely the goods. The quantity is without a doubt correct. I receive them in good faith.”
“It was a good deal. If we have a chance then next time as well...”
“Whenever you have the goods, you can search for Gimme The Money anytime in Serabourg Citadel.”
The scene was giving off a bad influence like the crime movies shown on cable.

For Weed, the faster the transaction the better so he received the money bag and turned around with no regret. The leather pouch didn’t look like anything special but inside was 168 thousand gold! As these items were from hunting in Grapass, he received quite a sum. It was also thanks to the japtem Seo Yoon collected as he sold them for quite a good price. It was good practise to not only collect japtem but also to sell them for the right value.  

“Right, let’s go now.”
They went to the residence of the old handmaiden. In general the street was filled with similar looking houses but Weed spotted her house quickly.
“I haven’t delivered milk for 3 years and newspapers for 7 years just for nothing!”

When Weed entered the old handmaiden’s house, he noticed that she looked much older than before.
“The adventurer finally returned I see.”
“Yes. I braved the cold wind and morning dew, wandering the continent to keep the promise I made to you.”
“Then did you meet Zahab-nim?”
“You were correct about him. Also he made more amazing sculptures.”
“Regretfully I do not know much about sculptures. For me I only have memories left of Zahab-nim whom the Queen loved. I want to listen to the song from then.”

Weed pulled out a harp to accompany his singing.
“Then I shall start.”


As soon as Weed finished his song, the handmaiden’s tilted her head.
“It’s strange.”
“I don’t think it was this noisy when I heard it then, but it also doesn’t seem different...”
It was on a level where the tune was made up! It would possibly be easier for Weed to go back to Jigolaths than singing.

“But I was happy that I could recalled the memories from the past. Do you know? As you get older the happy memories from the past are like jewels.”
“I think so as well.”
“Zahab-nim and the queen really did make a good match. I really want to see a scene of them making sculptures while travelling together...”
Tears dropped from the old handmaiden’s eyes. Weed became weak seeing the old granny shedding tears.

Weed took out 3 small blocks of wood.
One in the shape of young Zahab, another of the queen and he even sculpted the young handmaiden from the video he viewed in the past.

  • Please set a name for your sculpture.

“Handmaiden… No, Grandmother’s Memory.”

  • Is ‘Grandmother’s Memory’ correct?


‘Grandmother’s Memory’ has been completed.
A sculpture made by Weed, who is close to the highest level of sculpting.
Has been sculpted in a very short time.
Artistic Value: 289.

  • Mastery of Sculpting skill increased.

“This is a gift for you.”
“To have received such a great sculpture! I do not know much about sculptures but it seems to be made with great skill.”

Weed had an idea that it would increase friendship with the old handmaiden greatly. While he did not do this with expectation of receiving something from her, he did think he could perhaps get a free meal at least. Wyvern’s movement speed increased with his level. Therefore Weed and Seo Yoon flew over from Grapass in a moment and could not eat anything on the way.

Seo Yoon and Weed looked upon the old handmaiden with a warm gaze.  
“Thank you. To have received such a present before I die. I have enjoyed listening to your song.”


‘Continue Zahab’s Legacy’ Completed
Zahab’s song awakened the handmaiden Elzase’s memory. She will tell you a story you did not get to hear last time.
Quest Reward: Gift from her and information on the next quest.

  • Fame increased by 569.

  • Experience increased by a small amount.

‘The quest doesn’t end here....’

This was the quest that started from the training center and gave him the chance to choose the class , Moonlight Sculptor. Weed did not expect a big quest reward, which reflected on the 3.7% worth of experience he earned due to his high level. But more surprisingly the quest story that covered Zahab and the Queen was still not finished.

“This is something that I have saved for the person who would allow me to listen to that song again.”
The old handmaiden stood up from her seat and pulled out a small box from the drawer.
“Please open this. It’s a jewel the Queen gave me, I want to give this to you now.”

Weed opened the box and saw 3 diamonds sparkling brilliantly.
‘This must worth at least 70 thousand gold.’
Weed estimated the price the moment he saw it.

“This reminds me about the story of the Queen from back then. When Zahab-nim left, the Queen fell into a great sorrow. As the Queen of the nation, she did not show any grief outwardly and appeared to be well.  But something happened back then and she died of a mysterious sickness a year and a half later. I know for a fact that there is a diary she wrote during that period…”

The woman who had to live as a Queen after sending off the man she loved since her childhood! As a Queen of Rosenheim Kingdom she was noble and virtuous, but at a young age she contracted an illness and crossed the great divide.

“There should be many other stories of Zahab-nim in the Queen’s diary that I couldn’t tell you. Please ask around for Fabiane, she is another handmaiden who knows more about what happen back then. I do not know if she is still living. I am not sure if this will help but she really likes the melampodium paludosum flower.”


A Suspicious Diary Somewhere
Written by Queen Evane, the presumed diary is said to have records of secrets of the kingdom.
To find the diary, you must meet Fabiane the handmaiden who has served within the castle.
Difficulty: D
Quest Restriction: Must first complete the quest ‘Continue Zahab’s Legacy.’
To receive the quest reward, the quest must be completed before the old handmaiden dies.
Quest cannot be cancelled.

A chain quest!  It was difficult to calculate how many levels it has been since the training center.

Weed could smell the wafting suspiciousness surrounding the death of the Queen.
“For now… I understand.”

  • You have accepted the Quest.

Quest reward aside, he came this far and was curious how the quest would end.


Hermes guild and Kallamore Kingdom's great clash! People were drooling as their eyes were glued to the screen.

The knights of Kallamore Kingdom increased their speed as they broke through the chaotic battlefield. They perforated the Hermes guild’s main army and raised their momentum.  

The sound of the horn, the trampling of hooves and the shrieking of people as they collapsed filled the battlefield. The broadcasters wanted to capture every minute detail, but because of the grandness of the battle they could only show the aerial view to the audience.

Each battle arrangement had tens of thousands fighting and in the rear of Kallamore Kingdom, over 100 thousand militia were organized and running toward the city.

“Knights of Kallamore! This is truly amazing and frightening. The knights Kolderim is leading broke through the magic attacks and are charging.”

The knights of Kallamore Kingdom were armed with high magic resistant equipments. The weak magic attacks did no damage and disappeared into thin air. But the spells the advance mages of Hermes guild were using impacted the knights as intended!

Here the knights expertly controlled their horses, riding like the wind as they scattered and changed direction, driving back the Hermes guild. Words could not describe how awesome the scene was, just watching made the heart faster.

“Ah, they are getting killed out there.”
“It would be great if Hermes guild gets utterly ruined by this.”

The viewers sitting in front of the television and the players watching in twos and threes in Royal Road taverns hoped the war would end like this. They were all of one mind and heart for the Hermes guild, which symbolized the prestigious guild in the central continent, to have their power and influence be cut.

Soon after, Kallamore Kingdom and Hermes guild’s total command got involved and the war front became larger. To win the war, one side needed to occupy a minimum of 10 castles and cities. Or if analyzed further, the existence of each surrounding kingdom could be in jeopardy.

On the wide plain where the two kingdom’s overflowing forces collided, causing the battle immersed viewers to forget about time. It was a complete, full scale war!

After a small amount of time passed, the size of the Kallamore Kingdom’s army became smaller and smaller and it retreated to a corner. Many of Hermes guild’s high level players were involved and their average foot soldiers experience, equipment, and level was higher than their foe. Each commanders archers, magicians, swordsmen, spearmen, shield men and cavalry were operated efficiently.
Kallamore Kingdom, whose force of cavalry and knight orders were high, began to show their weak point and were pushed back in the overall battle.       

“Control the western side and capture the center.”

It was the sight of the Hermes guild, who had prepared for a long time for this war, winning. The infantry cut off the Kallamore Kingdoms flank and encircled the main force. Battalions of archers sniped the famous knights of Kallamore Kingdom one by one.

Kolderim was busy all over, dragging his knights to glory. But the Hermes guild straggled the surrounding knights and killed them off.

“Our share is over there.”

Bardray and his Black Knights who were, for a time, looking over the battle, sortied. They were aiming for Kolderim, who was fighting alone in the midst of Hermes guild infantry. They were planning to declare Hermes guild’s victory to everyone after they killed Kolderim.


Weed and Seo Yoon left the old handmaidens house and were walking on the street of Rosenheim Kingdom.

“Ah, this miserable world...”
“Ah, this is annoying. Why is the sky so clear. Just rain damn it.”
“I feel depressed so let’s go drink some alcohol.”
“Sure. Let’s just drink.”

The atmosphere of the players in Serabourg Citadel was not good. It was because Hermes guild utterly destroyed the Kallamore Kingdom’s defense force. Not only the players who saw the broadcast in Rosenheim Kingdom but all over Versailles Continent, the tavern saw a jump in customers.

Even for Weed, the news about Hermes guild was extremely important.
“In the end, they won.”
If the Hermes guild became completely ruined, it would have been a heaven sent gift but he did not even hope for such an outcome. Weed had a feeling that Hermes guild would win from the start.
“In this world, the bad guys always live well in a grand style.”

These famous guilds were no different. If Hermes guild fell, someone else would take their place. No matter who, they would not leave Weed in peace. To be successful in life and to make money, one had to live completely opposite of written ethics.

Even with that thought aside, Weed was troubled about searching for Fabiane. Serabourg Citadel of Rosenheim Kingdom was as familiar to him as Morata. From his poverty stricken time as a novice, to the period of running through every nook and crevice to search for people to buy his sculptures!    
“I even remember the alleyways.”

The wide paths where the carriages went through were packed with stalls and during the time when people crowded the street, Weed used the alleys to reduce travel time so he knew the alleyway like the back of his hand. Since then a lot of time has passed and some new buildings were erected, but the residential area did not appeared to have changed much.

“A melampodium paludosum...”
Weed had memorised a lot of facts on herbalism so it was a flower he knew.
“It’s just a yellow flower!”
The flower was modestly pretty, average in size with split flower petals.

“I think this alley had some of the yellow flowers growing about back then.”
Weed fumbled through his memories as he walked through Serabourg Citadel with Seo Yoon. Even though the castle had many players, the alleys without stalls were devoid of people.

Bees and butterflies flew over the many flowers growing charmingly on the street. Weed and Seo Yoon were walking through the most scenic alley in Serabourg Citadel.  
“It’s kind of far right?”
“Not really.”
“It should be close to here. If we had the time we could try to look for a beehive. There is nothing like honey to bolster the body.”

Weed found the melampodium paludosum in the alley and visited each of the 3 houses with the yellow flowers blooming on their porch. The first house belonged to a gardener who was a flower enthusiast.
“You have amazing hand skills! If you have come here to learn flower arrangement, I will teach it to you leisurely from the basics.”

If it was Weed from the past who considered flowers to be useless, he would have turned around and left before he heard the entire proposal. But as he learned sculpting and other skills, he felt that nothing was useless in the Versailles Continent. And so he listened to the gardener's words and learned how to pluck out the withered flower petals and cut off the dead twigs.


Skill: Flower Arrangement Learnt.

Flower Arrangement: A skill used to grow and appreciate flowering shrubs and trees!
Skill level and affinity to land and plants increases when flowers and trees are grown properly.
Fully bloomed flowers can be put into a vase as an ornament.

  • By learning Flower Arrangement your affinity to nature increased by 3.

It was an important affinity in manifesting a bigger Natural Disaster Sculpting. Seeing Weed learning it, Seo Yoon copied him and learned Flower Arrangement as well. Weed’s skill was at beginner level 1.   
“I should plant a lot of flowers at the Morata’s lord manor later on.”

Through the effect of a Masterpiece that Weed made, a Wildflower Festival occurred in Morata. Of course just looking at flowers was enjoyable but if left unattended weeds and vines could grow ruining them. But when a person applied his hands, plants could find their proper place and become more beautiful.    

Weed’s Handicraft skill and Art stat were at a surprising level, and with his refined taste through sculpting, if he started cultivation from the seed he could grow breathtaking flower beds and trees.

“To commemorate learning Flower Arrangement let me give you a present.”

  • You have received a white woodsorrel as a present from Gardener Jenkins.

The gardner gave Weed and Seo Yoon a bouquet of flowers with white petals.
“This could become my first Flower Arrangement.”
For Weed, making a vase or a flower pot was like a piece of cake.
“But cultivating flowers during the middle of an adventure is difficult, wait right there for me.”

Weed took a white flower and pinned it on Seo Yoon’s hair. There was no big reason for it other than wanting to try it once. Seo Yoon furtively touched the white flower and looked slightly embarrassed by it.


Flower Arrangement skill increased to beginner level 2. Flowers and trees become more vibrant. Growth speed becomes faster.  

  • Affinity to Nature increased by 2.  

  • Fame increased by 25.  

The flower the gardner gave was of a kind that grew easily and with the intervention of Weed’s Art stat and Handicraft, the skill level increased in a breath of a moment. Also the flower suited Seo Yoon really well and it was one of the reasons he received a lot of skill mastery.

With the white flower pinned in her hair, Seo Yoon looked really beautiful and gave off a feeling of loveliness. Seo Yoon also pinned a flower next to Weed’s ear. A message window also popped up for her.

  • Mastery of Flower Arrangement rose slightly.  

The white flower pinned on Weed’s hair, withered in the blink of an eye. It was as if some unseen force was sucking up the nutrients!
“I don’t think that flower was healthy.”
Weed thought as such. Even if it wasn’t the truth, his heart wanted to believe otherwise.

To find Fabiane, they went to the second house. But inside were children waiting for their parents to return.
“They went to sell some flowers in the market. My mom knows a place in Serabourg Citadel where a lot of pretty flowers bloom.”
“The evil goblins are appearing frequently so it’s difficult to pluck flowers these days. It will be nice if someone defeats them… For us it’s really important but I think it would be too easy for you to do. I don’t have anything to properly reward you with if you clear out the Goblins so I will ask someone else to handle it.”

Weed’s fame was so high it was difficult for the children to give him a quest. As long as Seo Yoon with her high fame and level. did not deliberately ask to accompany him on the quest, there was no reason to accept it.

And so the third house! A granny with deep wrinkles was sitting by the window sill, looking at the yellow flowers.
“Are you perhaps Fabian-nim?”
“For a young man to come looking for me, what did you come here for?”
“I came here to learn more about Queen Evane.”
“It’s not a story that should be told on the street. Please come inside the house.”

As the door opened Weed and Seo Yoon entered her house.
“Please have this while you ask all your questions. You mustn’t skip your meals when you are young.”
The food Fabiane brought them was poached potatoes!

Completing quests in Serabourg Citadel blessed them with meals. Truthfully, one of the most developed businesses in Serabourg Citadel was the food industry. There wasn’t any old traditional food but the restaurants, steakhouses, and seafood buffets were famous. Through the development of a Chef’s daring menu, they could even open a speciality restaurant serving monsters as food.

“Nom nom, this is shockingly good.”
“It’s nice to see you eating it deliciously. I have plenty of potatoes so eat as much as you want.”
“Is it too much to ask if you could pack some for the road?”
“I heard you are quite a famous adventurer… it won’t be a problem to pack you a basket.”
Even while sharing such conversation, Weed was peeling off the potatoes skin fast like a ghost.


TL Note:
Woodsorrel or 사랑초 in korean might be a double meaning. As (사랑)초 means (love) and also the meaning behind the flower is ‘늘 당신과 함께 하겠습니다’ or ‘Always with you’